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ADVICE PLEASE re symptoms weaker!

Hi all,

I haven't posted on here for a while (other than replying to the period pains post just now) since before I got married-no I'm not a "newbridetob"e as my ranking suggests-I got married in October!!

Anyway, i am now officially 8wks plus 3 days pregnant (although I think I'm more like a week less since longer cycles and ovulate later). So far my symptoms have included HUGE fatigue, slightly tender boobs and for the last couple of weeks, not morning sickness but a sort of mildly icky feeling for a lots of the day -worse in late afternoon and loss of appetite at times (normally when i'm tired). Anyway, I've just started to panic because yesterday I didn't feel sick-felt better than I have for a couple of weeks and worried it means something bad has happened : ( Could be that I had a better night's sleep on Monday as didn't go to loo as much like I have been but just wondered if any of you have experienced symptoms "coming and going"?!

All support/advice welcome.

Also-do any of you have scan dates yet? I live in London and have been told I won't get one til at least 11+3. I know that in some places people have them at 8 wks to check heartbeat etc. I just want to know it's alive and to get through the first trimester with no hicups!

Thanks in advance!



  • rachaelafryrachaelafry Posts: 4,271
    Seriously babe, dont worry, this happened to me at 9 weeks with my second child, had no symptons with 1st but this time boobs were really and felt queasyish, got up one day and NOTHING, no hurty boobs or sick feeling, didnt feel pregnant, rang hospital & they told me to go in, after 2 hours of waiting and 94 cups of water they apologised and told me I shouldnt have been told to go in as its quite normal for symptons to wear off at this time but I insisted on a scan and everything was absolutely fine. Your first scan is normally at 12 weeks for dating and then 20 wks for full check and thats it unless you have any problems in between. The 1st trimester is really scary but try not to worry once you have had your first scan and you see that lovely heartbeat you will relax and start to enjoy your pregnancy xxxx
  • jeannie, congrats on the pregnancy! I am just over 7 weeks and my symptoms come and go, but unfortunately have not gone away yet! Just think yourself lucky! I know it's worrying, but it's also perfectly normal. Some people only have 'morning sickness' and symptoms for a couple of weeks, some for nine months, you are one of the lucky ones!

    I had a scan yesterday as i had a bleed the other night and thankfully everything is ok. I didn't really believe i was pregnant until i saw it so i know how you feel - try not to worry and if you're really concerned i'm sure you can insist on a scan.

  • DonzyukDonzyuk Posts: 101
    When I was in early pregnancy I was quite convinced of my dates but everyone decided I must be a month further on as I really bloated (only stody food would keep sickness at bay) anyway, I then started doubting myself especially then when I starting thinking omg if I was a month further on then i'd be 16weeks before 1st scan... so I rang the midwifes to arrange appointment and just explained that I wasn't sure of my dates as my period before had been so light it may not have been a period so they booked me in earlier and when I actually had my dating scan I was 9weeks 5days so at least that way you could save some worrying time?
  • Thanks so much for your replies! They really help. I have only just been able to log back on. I spent about 4 days worrying that I wasn't pregnant (pr at least not sure) and called the doc. She didn't help to be honest-just said well you just have to wait and see, have you had any bleeding etc? I said no but she said well time will tell. I asked if it was possible that symptoms can go and she said well maaaayyybeee (not sounding very convincing!) said she couldn't lie and give me reassurance so felt worse! I suppose basically they will never assure you on anything when they just don't know. Wouldn't send me for bloods/scan.Kept frantically checking the size and feel of my boobs to see whether I was imagining it etc. Anyway went to see my Mum on Friday night (which was when I'd been planning to tell her) and she put my mind at rest slightly too. Also since then I have been feeling slightly icky every now and again too and boobs occasionally tender and I think they are still slightly bigger so am feeling much better!! So was relaly good to see your replies this morning as they have helped even more.

    Thanks again!Here's to everyone having happy and healthy pregnancies and sending lots of "sticky" dust to everyone.

  • Sorry, didn't see your post til just now. Hopefully you've now had your mind put at rest, but just in case here's my experience...

    I started feeling terribly sick at about 7 weeks, uncomfortable feeling in tummy area, sore boobs etc etc. Then at 9wks + 2 I woke up feeling absolutely fine! No symptoms at all. Of course I made my husband drive me straight to A&E where they looked at me like I was mad when I said that what was wrong was that I felt OK!!

    Now I'm 27 weeks, with an apparently healthy and very active(!) baby.

    So...I know it's easier said than done, but please try not to worry.

    C xx
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