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What if............

My whole life I have dreamed of settling down with a family. I have had a couple of serious relationships before I met H2b, H2b also had a few relationships.

I'm really panicking that we're not going to be able to conceive. I just think in all the other relationships & mishaps none of us have ever had a child.

I know it sounds ridiculous but I cant shake the feeling at all.

I have come off the pill as it wasn't agreeing with me but I think it means I will have a period for the wedding/honeymoon. Was going to take those tablets that stop you having a period but do they work like the pill? Will they act as a barrier?

Am I being really stupid??


  • Hi Ellybell,

    I totally know what you mean, I have those fears too. It can take normal healthy couples a year to conceive so just because you have never got pregnant doesn't mean you can't. Have you agreed to try for a baby now or are you going to use another form of contraception? The pills which delay your period are a form of synthetic progestogen hormone called Norethisterone. They are the same drug that is used in the mini pill, but I don't think they would protect you from pregnancy. If you do want to try for a baby bear in mind that your period does start shortly after you stop taking the pills, so I would guess that there is no significant effect on your fertility.

    Hope I have helped, but the best thing to do if you are worried is to talk to your GP or family planning clinic who can give you professional advice.
  • Thanks Dreamergirl. Going to make an appt. soon. x
  • Hi Ladies - I have the same fears....happy to know I am not alone!

  • Hey there I been thinking about this alot latley,and have the same fears.

    Its like you spend most of life trying not to get pregnant and when you finally decide that you do,you don't know if you can.

    Me and H2B have always been super careful with contraception as I am not on the pill.Never had any accidents so we won't know until we start trying.xx
  • You're not on your own there Ellybell! I have the same worries, especially now we are actively trying for a baby.
  • Thanks for the reassurance.

    I thought I was being a bit silly as we haven't even started trying yet.

    It's exactly as Sharlouise says, you try so hard for so long not to become pregnant it's hard to believe it will happen when you want it.

    Just so glad I'm not the only one with these feelings.

    Fingers crossed it goes well for everyone. x
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