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Just found out...

Hey just found out im pregnant, about 6 weeks now i think.. eek!! Which is a bit of a shock and also makes things difficult as we are meant to be getting married in september this year!! Which by my calculations will be around the time the baby is due?

Havent told anyone yet as I don't really know what the plan is going to be, either we bring the wedding forward to about may time (would I have a bump by then?) or post pone it for a year... does anybody have any ideas or advice or has something similar happened to anyone else?

Feel abit confused at the mo, and VERY emotional.. im hoping this is all normal too and I'll calm down in time?



  • rachaelafryrachaelafry Posts: 4,271
    OOH congratulations! your feelings and emotions will be all over the place as your hormones will be ragingin in the early stages. If its your first baby you might just be showing a bit by then just dont start craving all the sweet stuff yet! Your dress might be an issue but if its corset back you should be OK but maybe check with your bridal shop xx
  • Hanzy123 Congratulations!!

    I am also due in September but getting married next August so have a bit of time to play with.

    Don't rush into things until you've had your scans. I have found its an agonising wait but from previous experience it's best to keep the news between you and H2B for now until you know everything is ok.

    With regards to postponing or bringing it forward I suppose that depends on your financial situation and also whether your venue can cater earlier on. Maybe give them a call and ask if a date in May is free ( anonomously) and see what they say.

    Best of Luck xxxx
  • I think waiting til next year is going to be the best plan, at least then I'll have the chance to get used to one massive life changing choice before I head into another!!

    Have to say I'm pretty overwhelmed by all of this, it will be my first time and I'm more worried about how the parents will take it more than anything!

    Going to the doctors tomorrow so I might have a clearer idea of what the next step is...

  • Congratulations!!

    First of all just try to relax. Weddings can be worked around but babies cannot!

    These things have a way of working themselves out so try and enjoy the first few weeks of being pregnant.

    Good luck

  • HI Big Congratulations!

    I've known people to get married whilst pregnant and they looked totally stunning (glowing skin, silky hair and beautiful bumps).

    I was planning my wedding when i fell pregnant and we decided to put it off (now getting married April). I am now fully aware that my H2B and i will merely be extras in finleys day as everyone coos over how georgeous he looks (he has a matching suit, tie , waistcoat to the others) and he shows off dancing and i will love every minute of it having him apart of our day.

    There is no better or worse option you have to do whatever you and you H2B feel happiest with. X
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