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How long will I stay in hospital???

Morning everyone,

You must be getting sick of me one min complaining i'm not in labour the next asking how long before i'll get discharged!!!!

How long do you usually spend in hospital? I've never spent overnight in one and i don't like the thought, my mum seems to think it depends what time you have baby as doctor comes round once a day, but surely in a maternity hospital there is more than one doctors doing rounds? I've also heard you can be in longer if it your first baby?

please advise and i'll promise i'll stop being so impatient and enjoy my last few weeks of pregnancy (fingers crossed behind back) image


  • el2012el2012 Posts: 15
    Your mum's right- it depends on when you have your baby and also on what kind of delivery you end up having. If you have your baby at 11 o clock at night for example, you'll want a rest overnight and get home the next day. My friend had her baby at 7am and went home at teatime (first baby). Also if you had to have a caesarean then you would be in hospital a bit longer, like three days. It is daunting thinking about staying in hospital when you've never had to before but it's not that bad-kind of like staying in a fairly crap hotel, but with 3 other women and their babies in the same room! At least the midwives are there to help!

    The doctors also look after all the babies in Special care so they do only come round at set times but I think more than once a day. Depends which hospital I suppose!

    Good luck with everything, and fingers crossed for an easy early morning delivery and home later on!!

  • hi it depends on a number of things really. have you had a text book pregnancy? any complications? how the birth goes, what time your baby is born, how you and you baby are after you give birth, c-secion emergancy or planned,who you have as a midwife.

    you can state that you dont want to stay and no one can force you but its avisable to do as they say as its for your benfit not theirs.

    i had my daughter at 10:08am and was home by 3pm the same day but my friend was in 2 days as her baby only weighed 5lb and was cold.

    mostly they like you to stay 1 night and then ths doctor comes and sees you and discharges will be please of the rest and time alone with your baby.all i wanted to do was go home but as soon as i got home everybody came round and it was exhasting and i just wanted to cuddle up with h2b and my new baby.

    speak to your midwife and explain to her how you feel, shes there to help.

    whats your due date?

    do you know what your having?
  • CarlycukCarlycuk Posts: 1,877

    As el2012 said, it totally depends on a few different things. If yo have a normal straight forward delivery and baby takes to feeding straight away, my hospital have a six hour discharge policy, even with your firat baby, so potentially could be going home after 6 hours. If you have a c-section, you're likely to be in there for a few days, and if it's a normal delivery but baby has some problems taking to feeding they'll probably eant to keep you in until you've established feeding. Any other probs with baby or you though and I'm sure they'll want to keep you in for monitoring.

    Sorry it's vague, there really is no way of guaranteeing how long you could be in for though until it happens!

    I'm due in 4 weeks and hoping I only have to be in for one night at the most!

    Carly xxx
  • DonzyukDonzyuk Posts: 101
    Hi guys,

    Thanks for the advice, love the crappy hotel bit! I guess really they won't me in any longer than I have to be, case of playing it by ear. Am due on 14th and the nearer I get to the date the more worried I get, only this morning I was panicing about needing a blood transfusion or what if babys head couldn't fit out! Think I need to take time out and go with the flow, as H2B said this morning although somewhat unsympathecitally (sorry about spelling!) i'm not the first woman to have a baby and I won't be last (I think it sounding reassuring in his head but its not what you want to hear when you've decided in your head that its quite possible that world war 3 could kick off just as I go into labour or maybe all the doctors in Hull will get abducted by aliens) x
  • BRIDE100BRIDE100 Posts: 884
    Tuscan Bride - your last post had me laughing out loud! Can imagine the closer you get the more you start to worry about crazy things happening! I have heard a lot of men (and women actually) say that about childbirth - it's the most natural thing, so many people do it everyday, imagine if you were in a country without proper healthcare blah blah blah. I totally understand how it must have come out but really it is the only reassuring thing people can say as the rest is so unknown. I'm not pregnant but I think when I am the only thing that would stop me from having constant panic attacks worrying about the birth is thinking that everyone in the world was the result of someone going through childbirth. And people often have more than one so it's can't be that terrible. Can it?! (Saying that I had a blood test today and TOTALLY freaked out. Doesn't bode well. I think I could be reaching new levels of wimpishness!)

    My sis had a baby very recently. She had to have caesarean and was in hospital for 4 nights. That was one of her biggest fears about having the baby. But now it's all over and she has such a beautiful baby girl. Just focus on how wonderful things will be about a week after the birth. It will all be worth it. You can't control it anyway so try to just go with the flow as much as you can.
  • I was in hospital for 3 nights and was quite happy to be there. The midwives were great and couldn't help enough. I got lots of rest and was ready to take on the new challenge of being a mum when you get out

    Good luck and take it easy!

  • i had jamie 3.31am wednesday and i was home midday friday. I had a c-section and i breast fed. Jamie is my 1st (and only) and i had a problematic labour (hence the c-sec) - hospital has its pros and cons. yes you have the assistance and reassurance of midwives, but it was busy when i was in and its hard sleeping to begin with never mind when lots of babies wake up during the night!! you also get support from mw and hv when you get home!!

    kel xx
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