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Advice on getting pregnant please!!

Hi All,

We've recently married and I came off the pill at Christmas. I've had one period since and was surprised that it feel almost exactly 4 weeks after the last one as I thought they might be irregular for a while.

Anyway, we are quite keen to get pregnant asap and I've thought about trying those ovulation sticks but dont know if its worth it until my cycle has sorted itself out. Also, do you think it would be putting ourselves under too much pressure too quickly?

I'm 34 and my husband is 41 so we're kind of in a rush...well me more than him if I'm truthful!! He thinks we should just let nature take its course without worrying too much about it.

Realise evertyone if different but any info on what to expect when coming off the pill or on those ovulation sticks would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance, image


  • I can't advise on the ovulation sticks because I haven't used them but I can tell you what I did.

    It may sound so silly and it may not work for everyone ( my friend told me about it as it worked for her and her SIL) but after having sex, lift your bottom half, up! Either on your hands and bum in the air or bum right up against the wall so everything that has just gone inside you will be travelling in the right direction.

    As I said it might sound so weird and you are probably thinking this woman is mad but it worked for me as well- I was off the pill for 4 months and I was pregnant now 7 weeks and 4 days.

    Good Luck!! xxx
  • I did the ovulation sticks combined with the raising your bottom up after sex thing!It took us almost a year to conceive, we used the ovulation sticks for the 1st time in Jan, and fell pregnant. You can try these, they are cheap and are reommended to nurses:

    These will tell you when you are fertile, and so have more sex during that time. But remeber to make sure it stays fun - there is nothing worse than telling your partner "Hi wanna have sex i'm ovulating!"

    Maybe do your tests in private, and then have your usual sexual relationship with your Husband. If hes not in the mood when he should be - then make him an offer he cant refuse!!! lol

    Have fun trying, and be patient - it'll happen!

    Big Smiles x
  • I learnt yesterday that day 1 of your period was the first day of red blood (sorry to be so graphic - but we are all in this togetherimage I was counting day 1 as first signs of anything - and I'm a slow builder these days. Not sure when the last day is..guess it must be the same. Also was told the sticks test for your LH surge that comes just prior to ovulating - so there is a chance I guess that you could miss it i.e test is negative and your actually ovulating. Also read on here that some people don't ovulate text book mid cycle and it can happen straight after period! So looking out for the mucus stuff may be a good one. Hubby has taken my limited research as an indication that lots of sex may be the best option!

    Good luck
  • Hi there, i get married this march but we're both keen to start ttc asap. I'm 31 this year and H2B had testicular cancer a few yrs back so it maybe difficult.

    However if this is your first time ttc like me in the next month i'd aim to just have sex 3-4 times a week and just see what happens. To be honest i'd rather do it that way to begin with and then if we find it hard use OV sticks etc... I just think its less pressure on us.

    Plus even though H2B had cancer i think we still have to wait a year to see if we can conceive naturally and then seek other help.

    I'd just have fun trying image Good luck xx
  • Hi,

    I saw your post and wanted to post a reply because I was in exactly the same position. I'm 31 (32 in October) and hubby is 40 this month. We only got married in October having had to postpone things due to husband's brother having cancer and dying over the couple of years before. So we wanted to get "started" straight away! I had been off the pill for about 6 months before we got married but only stopped using contraception after we got married (and then period was all over the place from stress etc. First month we really tried, didn't get pg but now realise didn't do it around time of ovulation, so although I didn't want it to become a mechanical thing, decided to try the ov sticks. Glad I did because I have a 35 day cycle and don't ovulate until around day 21-24...later than most. I also followed very roughly a plan I found on the internet (Deanna plan) which involves somehting like doing it every other day after day 10 (but I think that for those who have shorter cycles) and then when you get a pos ov test do that day and the next 2 days wait a day and then once more. More or less followed this and around the time thought I was ovulating I did the bum in the air thing!! Even did some cycling in the air-quite funny. I actually was convinced I was getting my period-usual symptoms and even spotting at normal time, but did a tes and hey presto!

    Good luck and please ask for any more advice you need.

  • MrsSP73MrsSP73 Posts: 353
    Hiya and thanks so much for replying. I love this site... its great being able to ask a question without worrying if people think you're a bit daft worrying about things so soon.

    Also, big congrats to those of you that are pregnant! I hope its going well for you all!

    I did buy some of the ov sticks and did a test last week having worked out that I was at the approx right time to do it and it was negative so not ovulating and felt a bit down, isnt that daft - I dont know why really, but that night when we went to bed, I felt a bit odd about having sex. We'd both been enjoying the "what if" feeling that we'd had since getting married when we have sex and I was sad that doing the test meant we couldnt feel that way.

    SO. Have chatted it through again with H and I now agree with his original view of leaving it for a couple of months, just enjoying each other and the start of married life.

    Thats my view this week, I'm a bit prone to changing my mind depending on the weather! Jeannie, reading your great post has almost just persuaded me to change my mind again! image)

    Err, here's a question though... sorry to be vulgar but Penny - whats this mucus thing you mentioned? I've been on the pill for a few years now so think that maybe masks normal symptoms of a period, and then at the weekend was surprised at some mucus (sorry - thats gross to read about). I cant remember whether I used to have that before. Is it a sign of ovulation does anyone know?

    Thanks a million for your replies.

  • EMEEukEMEEuk Posts: 77
    In the few days before ovulation your discharge will change to an egg white consistancy it is also quite stretchy, as opposed to white and cloudy. This is when you are most fertile.

    If you are unsure you could always "try" every other day for the month.
  • Just to say my best friend tried for months to have a baby after she got married.

    It wasn't until they gave up "trying" and she went out and got drunk one night that it happened!!

    I think sometimes, doing the ovulation sticks and all that can build in more pressure.

    I think you're right just enjoying each other for now and if it happens then it happens.

    good luck!
  • Hi again...i'm pleased that you've decided to 'just go for it' and see what happens!

    At christmas time i was getting worried that i'd find it difficult to conceive etc...and was tempted to try before the wedding. I'd been going on baby expert alot and convinced myself i'd have problems before even trying!

    I do love that site and i'm not here to offend anyone as i think they are great to chat about all sorts of things but for this specific moment, it was making me more stressed and ended up not having a period for 70days! I decided to stay clear of the site for alitte while and just use this one every so often. After the wedding i aim to just enjoy each other a see what happens and leave it a good 6mths - 12mths. I know thats probably easier said than done, but hope thats what i'll do image

    However during my obsessed stage i did read by the fertlity expert Zita west...(i think thats her name) that sex every other day like EMZ2007 says is the best way to start...because that way, there is always sperm waiting for an egg when it does get released.

  • FMrsSP - there is a great 'trying to concieve' forum on this website:

    Lyn x
  • Lyn are you promoting this site or what? This is the third thread today I have seen you mention this site!!
  • i take iron suppliments and pregnacey vitamins it does the job as with my last son and the one im pregnant with now hope this helps
  • Just curious to know how you get away with the bum in the air thing?!! I haven't had the courage yet in case my husband thinks I'm a crazy lady!! I do try to subtly put my knees up or bring my knees up to my chest but it just runs out anyway (gross, sorry)...

    Damn, I wish I could just use a cork or something!!!
  • cherrypicker you have made me LOL! I started doing it subtley but it looked daft so tonight I just went for it - when hubby came in I told him what I was doing. So, he thinks I'm mad? Oh wellimage
  • MrsSP73MrsSP73 Posts: 353
    haha, I have the same problem, I told H that it was being recommended as a way of helping the sperm along, he looked VERY HORRIFIED and said "You're not going to do that are you????"

    So it looks like I'll be standing on my head in the bathroom later on!! image)))
  • mrsj36mrsj36 Posts: 2,340
    carla77 - snap! I'm 31 this year, getting married (in april) and boyfriend had testicular cancer a couple of years ago! Luckily he didn't have to have chemo so fingers crossed we'll be ok. I think you're wise to wait a few months before worrying - even with chemo I know most men are fine conceiving.

    I really must start reading up on things as we're hoping to start trying this year - I had no idea about most of the stuff you're all talking about!! x
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