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Can anyone recommend anywhere to get unusual maternity bra sizes?

I am a 30FF and am finding it really hard to get anything (even Figleaves and Bravissimo don't have much). I am only 17 weeks so am worried that they may still be growing (can anyone advise when they blooming stop?? image) and so I don't want to spend loads if I can help it.

Why on earth are they all so ugly!?




  • lol im 15weeks have havnt changed size yet, dont know if should be happy about it,image have you gave m&s a try cause they'll mesure you aswell and are quite well priced normaly

  • have you been to be measured? you may find you are a different size. mothercare is fantastic and you can try the different bras. i have just looked at the website and they have some nice ones in there from £16 upwards and go up to a G cup
  • DonzyukDonzyuk Posts: 101
    You'll probably keep growing yet! I've gone from an A cup to a C cup and everyone says when my milk comes in once i've had baby they'll go up again!!! Also later on in pregnancy your back may expand as well so maybe look for a larger back size as well.
  • Hi, I went to John Lewis and got some great bra's size 36E for £20 each. The bigger department stores should have a good selection.
  • Hi. I went up to a 32H with my daughter!! I got my bras from Dickens & Jones, although they have closed down now. Big department stores and Mothercare are pretty good with bigger cups. I'm now 12 weeks into my second pregnancy and my boobs have jumped up to a 32E, I was in between a 32D and a 32DD, depending on where I bought my bras from.

    They will keep growing, well that's what I found. Especially when you get your milk in. A couple of days after having my daughter, my boobs looked false! They were huge, hard and very pert!
  • gemsy81gemsy81 Posts: 918
    I got a two pack of maternity bras from Marks and spencers for about 20 quid, i was a 34ff but m and s dont do a ff size so got a 34g and they fit fine
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