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anyone else having trouble....???

hi is anyone else having trouble TTC. It gets me so down as i think its never going to happen. I am going for a blood test on the 29th to see if i am actually ovulating or not but i have been pregnant before (we had a m/c) so i would have thought that i was ovulating. My Dr says well at least you know you can get pregnant but that really wasnt the best way to know. Every month i am peeing on sticks lol nothing seems to work.

I was just wondering if any of you ladies are having trouble or anyone who can offer me some advice i would be really appreciaited



  • Hi I worry about this constantly too! had m/c at 18 but now I'm 27 and had been trying for baby 2 years before we got engaged. Obviously now, I don't want to get pregnant as its only 8 months until wedding but stil worry. Surely 2 years without contraception should have led to a baby. Not sure I want to face doc yet though as it makes it too real.

    Wish I could offer some advice but at least you know you're not alone. xxx
  • hi,

    i came of the pill just under 3yrs ago when i first moved in with h2b, after conceving on the pill but m/c, and we did everything that all the books you could read told us to do an nothing seemed to work, but there is hopefully always a good day for all of us, im now 15weeks , typical as we stop trying and following books cause were geting married in may, what im trying to say is it happen took a while and gave lodes of hart break but one month when we least expected it, great

    hold in there and go for it after all the practising is fun to, just want you to know it is posible to come out the other side,

    best of luck

  • Yep, I was 3 weeks late this month and starting to get my hopes up a bit, then I came on. Had been peeing on sticks and spending a fortune but they were negative. Wasn't bothered by that as it took until 8 weeks to show when I was pregnant before, had a very late MC at 22 weeks. Starting to wonder about my hormones too.

    Getting impatient now, been trying since October.

    giving up thinking about it all for lent!!!
  • JannelleCJannelleC Posts: 1,113
    MrsB x if you've got advice on how to give up thinking about it, let me know! I try to but it keeps creeping in my mind. I too had a m/c at 18, then I was married before, tried for a year before we found out hubby was sterile. Did 5 tries with donor sperm but no success so I am really worried something is wrong with me, though I was through a battery of tests before and nothing wrong came up. I think lessening stress will help and while I have done all I can with work and home to do's stressful worrying about whether you can get pregnant or not! It's not a fair vicious cycle!
  • yes i know what you frustrating sorry to hear that bout your h2b jannelle. well we were trying since july and in jan we decided to get on planning the wedding properly which has taken my mind off it say get a hobby or somethng to take it off your mind
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