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crappy night last night!!!

We've been ttc for a year now, but havent really told any of our friends until recently, so they all think we're only just trying.

Last night 3 of my friends rang me within 30 mins of each other to tell me they r preggers!!!!! and they all told me not to tell the others!!! and whats worse they r all due within weeks of each other, so im booking a month long holliday in sept (hahaha)

Could the night get any worse?


  • It's horrible isn't it? We are getting married in October and want to start trying straight away but 4 of our friends have announced they are having babies over the past few weeks!

    It is hard to be happy for them when you wish it was you! (maybe I'm just an evil cow?)

    All I can say is have fun trying!!

    Big hugs


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