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pill quest...

Hiya- wasnt really sure where to put this as its not really that wedding/baby related but maybe u can help..

Basically im on the pill at the moment and have been for about 6 years- ive just worked out that im due on on my wedding day (aug) which i know can be easily sorted out by just taking a packet back to back.

The thing is ive done this a couple of times before (for holidays etc) but its given me horrendous side effects which include heavy spotting, bad depression, headaches and extreme tiredness so this is something i really want to avoid at any time let alone close to the wedding.

I was thinking of maybe coming off my pill altogether in a couple of months as I feel my body may need the break from the pill and i really cannot take my pill back to back as i dont want the horrid side effects- ive been told I can get a pill from the doc that delays ur natural period if u are due on when u dont want to be? is that true and does it have any side effects?

ive been told sooo many diff things about the pill (like u need to give ur body a break from it and u are more fertile when u come off it etc) that im just a bit worried! H2B and i have discussed kids and althou we would be thrilled at a new addition i would rather (selfishly) not be pregnant before/during the wedding/honey moon or just yet! am i best to stay on the pill or come off it and use other means of protection?

any advice would be accepted thanks!! x x


  • I stayed on the pill till after our honeymoon - just because of dates etc. We then spent three months using condoms as I wanted to give my body chance to take a break. We started trying just after Christmas image

    I've heard you can get a pill from the docs too, but never needed to take it.

    If you can take two pill packs back-to-back, do it with your next ones, then your period won't be due the same time as your wedding, but you'll still be protected.
  • inghamlinghaml Posts: 139
    hey thanks for the reply!

    did u get any side affects when u came off the pill?

    im really against taking 2 packs back to back to be honest as the side affects I get are awful- ive spoken to my doc/nurse before and they just say the same thing 2stay on it until ur ready for a baby" not very helpful! x
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