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Never thought I'd say this but...

...I just wish my AF would come!!!!

OK, now let me explain!!! It's our first month TTC and I thought we put in a good effort ;o) I've spent the past week or so trying desperately not to imagine I was having symptoms! At the weekend (about 10 days post ovulation), I started spotting which normally means my AF will arrive the next day. Hubby was really sweet and said he was looking forward to all the baby dancing again this month, he's so broody bless him, but he's gone away on business this week so I'm home alone and driving myself crazy.

Thing is, I still haven't come on properly. I'm still spotting and have PMS symptoms like hurty boobs as well. Also my cervix is really high up - it should be lower down by now. This has never happened to me before and I don't know what's going on - I'm normally pretty regular. I did a test and got a BFN, so I don't think it's that, besides I don't feel any different. I'll do another test in a few days if AF doesn't show her face though. But what's really bothering me is that I don't know which cycle day it is any more which will make it hard for me to guage when I'm ovulating! Also if I haven't shed my uterus lining (sorry if tmi), how is the whole process thing gonna get started again??

Sorry to go on, but I'm really confused. I either want to be preggers or trying, not in this weird limbo land! :\?


  • JannelleCJannelleC Posts: 1,113
    I believe your first day of your cycle is the first day of actual bleeding, not spotting. That's what the drs told me. You might still be pregnant though because you never can tell when your actual ovulation day is unless you take those ovulation predictor kits and watch your cervical mucuous and such. Wouldn't it be nice to be able to just test right after you do the deed to see if it worked? That would help stop the insanity it puts you through!!!
  • Yeah that would be awesome!! The 2 week wait is a nightmare. I think I'll have to plan some nice things to take my mind off it next month!!

    Finally my body has sorted itself out and I came on properly today, phew! I feel like crap though, so to distract myself I went out and bought hub some treats for Valentine's so he will find them when he gets back home tomorrow afternoon!
  • JannelleCJannelleC Posts: 1,113
    At least the wait is over! And it gave you that treat in time for Valentine's so your mind won't be running a mile a minute. With the confusion with when AF properly started, maybe you want to try ovulation sticks? From what I heard, the cheap ones are the best. That will put your mind to rest that you don't miss your ovulation and all.
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