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What to buy Mum?

Hi girls,

My best friend gave birth last night to a beautiful baby girl.

Im going to the hospital after work to see them both. I was going to take some bits for the baby and flowers for mum but I called the hospital and they dont allow fresh flowers on the ward.

Does anyone have any ideas of what I can buy mum? I dont want her to be forgotten whilst everyone coo's over baby (me included)

Thanks in advance.


  • teenaukteenauk Posts: 753
    hi , when i had my daughter a year ago , a friend brought me some lovely body lotion and shower gel and nice pjs in to the hospital . it was mamas & papas range and it was lovely ,gave me a bit of a pamper and made me feel a lot better . everyone else bought the baby something but she made me feel special and loved .x
  • -Sharmy--Sharmy- Posts: 827
    Thanks *tinkerbelle*, thats how I want my friend to feel. She had an emergency c section so is feeling a bit down about not being able to get to the baby as quick and pick her up at the moment. I dont want her to feel forgotten now baby has arrived.

    Unfortunately I havent got a mama's and papas nearby though, maybe mothercare will have something nice.
  • Hey No. 72, I bought my friend a little bagful of goodies - bath stuff for her to relax, horlicks so she could get a good night's sleep, a john west tuna ready meal thing so she could eat. Little things that she really appreciated - but this was when she was out of hospital as she had to stay in for ages, even when her son went home image

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