Here we go again. Are you feeling lucky?

Right then, im not up on the ovulation and AF lingo as you've probably grasped from last month but yet again im having all these things whirling round my head thinking im feeling symptoms and noticing that my belly ahs gone from nothing to having a podge! Will find out end of next week if our hard work is to be paid off (!) Is anyone else experiencing every pregnancy symptom under the sun only because you really want to!



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    I'm with you. My AF is due on Tuesday. And I am sick as can be...I love how they say you tell the difference between the flu and morning sickness...the flu goes away! So that doesn't help. And the weirdest thing, I had a bizaree dream last Friday. J Lo (in all her huge pregnantness) walked up to me, touched my belly and said you're pregnant. I told her no, I won't know for another 1 1/2 week. She said us mommy to bes can tell and you are, you have that glow. It was so weird. And I don't even like J Lo! Now I'm even obsessing over stuff in my dreams! Hang in there...I know how you feel!!
  • Hi,

    I agree with both of you that its easy to think we have early pregnancy symptoms becuase we want to be pregnant!

    I am due AF tomorrow, or maybe at the weekend because my cycle is a bit messed up now since m/c in November.

    But, twice this week my mum and a friend have asked if i am pregnant because apparantly i have a 'look' about me?! So on Sunday night my hubby told me to do a pregnancy test and it was a BFN so then i got all depressed but then realised i probably have tested about 8 days early. I'm eager to be pregnant again but thats a bit extreme!

    My tummy is a bit tender, but it was like that when i was pregnant, and itsk like that when AF is coming (Already had 4 pregnancies, 2 babies and 2 m/c) so you would think i would be a bit more tuned to my body, but it all goes out of the window when i just want my new husband and I to have a baby.....

    So good luck to you and i truly hope that any earlt symptoms for you are good ones!

  • I was there a few days ago but I just got my AF, so it's game over for me for this month, oh well! Just want to say good luck to you girls though!

  • Hhehehehe you make me laugh so much, J-LO touching your belly, maybe she's a lucky buddha type sign for women trying to get pregnant! If you are pregnant im gonna be out renting her films to try and put her in my head before i go to sleep to see if i get the dream!! Good luck hun xx
  • Hi, just a quickie....i got a BFP.....its my secret for now, but really needed to update thread...

    How are you girls...?
  • Just wanted to say a big congratulations thirlwall!! This is my second month of ttc the first month i thought i had loads of symptoms so when my AF came i did feel a bit silly! Especially seeing as we had missed my ovulation day by about a week!!! So this month have tried using ovulation sticks! Will try not to look too much into the symptoms this month - but it is very difficult when some of them are so similar to getting your AF!
  • Same here Jody!!

    Congratulations Thirlwall!! Wishing you all the best!!
  • Thankyou for your very kind congrats......its been a tough road to get to this point, but i really have my fingers crossed for you.... have loads of fun trying!!

    I was going to get the ovulation sticks next month, and did quite a bit of research on them too, and loved the idea that when the times 'right' a smiley face appears in the prediction window!


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    Congrats thirlwall!! I hope you have a wonderful and happy pregnancy!!!!
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    Well no one needs to run out and rent Gigli for the JLo buddha belly dream....this month was a big old bust for me.

    How is everyone else doing?
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