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hello everyone,

i usually post in the wedding forum as am getting married 29/08/09 but h2b and i have recently started ttc (when i say recently imean literally this weekend!!)

we both feel ready to do this and we are very excited!

good luck for everyone who is trying and congrats to those of you who have succeeded!



  • hello, wow good luck. We were not going to start trying til end of this month as getting married 3rd may but my period did not arrive 2 weeks ago and now im 5 weeks gone. talk about quick conception:\). Good luck with it hun and enjoy trying hee hee image
  • Good luck and I agree, enjoy trying lol! I get married in September and can't wait for ttc time!!! Going to come off pill at the end of the year. Just thought I'd have a quick nosey on here as I don't usually venture off general chat! Congrats FitnessQueen - I hope it's as easy for me!!! lol x
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