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Hi, hope everyone is well, first time posting on this bit!!

Firstly only been TTC since December, stopped taking my pill at the very beginning of Dec and my god it is frustrating. The only thing is i was on the Depo Provera injection for about 4 years (periods stopped completely but i was expecting that) and then have been on the pill (brevinor) for the last 2 1/2 years. When i started on the pill my periods did come back and i was regular for about 5 months but then it was hit and miss whether i had a period that month. Ive now not had a period since probably June 07 and it still hasnt arrived even when i have now stopped the pill. Went to Docs before TTC just becuase i was a bit worried about not having periods but he kept saying that the pill does supress periods etc etc i have made another appointment with dr on tuesday. Its just after reading on the internet and self diagnosing myself haimage im worried i have PCOS or just cant have children i know it seems extreme but i am worried. Im only 22 so i was hoping id get pregnant straight away and my hubby is obviously pretty crushed every month when i tell him its not happened, i know it can take a long time but im impatient image

sorry for rambling on

sarah x


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    I have a friend who has PCOS and plenty of them who do, conceive so try not to stress too much. There just be something funky going on with your hormones or whatever and who knows the dr might be able to jumpstart your period if it's a simple fix. Try not to worry too much at this point because unfortunately stresss causes irregular periods too! There are a lot of different symptoms to PCOS and not having periods is just one. If you want something to help insure you get pregnant, make sure you're at a right weight, no smoking and get healthy with moderate exercise. If there are problems, that may help them (at least with PCOS) and if not, it may help relieve the stress of worrying a bit! Good luck!!
  • when i stopped taking my pill in july last year it took me months to get a period and they are still all over the place even tho i was regular before going on the pill and had periods whilst on pill.im also 22. fake hormones can mess up your system abit and it may take a while to sort itself out. when i went to my dr she just done a pregnancy test and said to just wait to see if period turns up, which it did 10 weeks after stopping pill!

    try not to worry as this can stop your periods too. good luck with gp
  • thanks for replying i think ive just got worked up about not geting my period and its worrying me x

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  • Try not to worry too much, things can sometimes take awhile to settle.

    On the other hand, I too had been having the injection pill and after stopping kept waiting n waiting for periods to arrive. After 6 months was getting worried until it became obvious why they hadnt come back ... I was pregnant!

    Hence i have been up since 6am on a Sunday when I should be enjoying a leisurely lie in image

    Good luck
  • Hi Sarah7777,

    I took the pill from being 15 to 21 then stopped - it took 6 months for my period to start and every month I was doing home pregnancy tests or at the docs, so I kinda know what you're going through, apart from the fact I didn't want to get pregnant.

    Once they started again I could go 10 weeks without then a little bleed, then 3 weeks later a big one, just all over for 2 years. Then I decided there was no way this was normal and pursued it with my doctor who initially didn't seem to interested.

    I am the one who said to him I suspected PCOS and eventually after a couple of blood tests where they said my oestrogen was a bit low but not to worry about it I insisted on being referred for a scan & consultant gynacologist.

    The results were that I had a 'dense stroma' (cluster of cysts) on one ovary, cysts on the other - but still the consultant said I came under the umbrella of PCOS but couldn't treat it as my main concern was fertility but they didn't know if this would be effected til we tried for a baby for at least a year - then they'd look at hormone treatments.

    Since then, since turnng 25 I got horrendous acne, gone through 16 weeks of Roaccutane and started the pill again to help with my skin. We've had to make the decision to try for babies earlier than first planned, because it's better happening a bit early than not at all - but after we get married in November.

    So Sarah7777 please stress as least as you can cos that won't help you conceive, but time is on your side. Do not let your doctor fob you off, tell them how much of an impact it's having on your life and asked to be referred.

    good luck x x x
  • Just been to the doctors and he said that as i have had no periods for over 6 months he would have done a blood test but needed to do one 2 weeks prior to ovulating but as i wasnt having a period there would be no point. He told me to keep trying but if in 2/3 months i had still not conceived or had any periods he would refer me to the hospital. I am happy as i do want to know if anything is wrong but also a bit worried. I also had cylamidia (cant spell) a while ago (when i met my husband we both went for tests to make sure we had no sti's) and it came up but i took the medication and now im worried that may be the cause too!!!

    also when should i do pregnancy tests in the meantime, if i have no period???forgot to ask the dr and would be grateful if anyone knows!!!If i test the same time every month would that work??

    thanks x
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