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Ridiculous wait for doc app

hi everyone how you all doing? Im mega fed up. I found out im pregnant a week past wed (woo hoo) but the only doc appointment i can get is for this tues coming image i feel like ive been waiting forever and its dragging by. I just want it all confirmed. How ridiculous is that? its always the same trying to get an app at that surgery aarrgghh. Anyway enough moaning can anyone let me know what to expect when i go to docs first time for this kind of thing:\)


  • CarlycukCarlycuk Posts: 1,877
    Hi hon, congratulations!

    To be honest, at my Dr's appointment (I'm 37 weeks now!) he didn't do anything to confirm the pregnancy, just said congratulations and said their tests are no more accurate than the home kits so told me to make an appt with the midwife! Think he may have checked my blood pressure too but that was it, so you're not missing much! Having said that, every surgery's different so your Dr may do something else!

    Carly xxx
  • DonzyukDonzyuk Posts: 101
    hiya mine was the same, just said nothing they can do at this stage its just a case of waiting for maternity hospital to get in touch with a scan date. When i left I felt really let down. My friend had the same experience but insisted that they do a urine sample which took a few days to come back.
  • KylierukKylieruk Posts: 111

    My doctor didn't see me, just made me an appointment with the midwife for my 10 week booking in appointment. I think it does vary though as some of my friends were tested by their drs to confirm.

  • oh i see so is the midwife in the surgery too or is that completely different. how far on are you before you get a scan or is everyone different with that as well. Wonder if there is any point in keeping app then. :\?
  • CarlycukCarlycuk Posts: 1,877
    Hi. It runs diferently in different areas. My midwife works out of my surgery 1 day a week, and out of other surgeries and the hospital on the other days. It may be worth ringing the surgery and asking if it's worth seeing the Dr or if you should just book straight in with the midwife. They like to do your midwife booking in appt between 8 and 12 weeks, when they'll test your urine for protein, glucose etc(they do this every single appt), they'll check your blood pressure and will probably have a feel of your stomach. It's not likely they'll try and listen to baby's heartbeat at this stage though as it's too early to find it on alot of women and just makes you worry unnecessarily if they can't find it! She'll also fill out the beginning of your handheld notes and give you these, as well as loads of other leaflets!

    I had a scan at 12 weeks and at 20 weeks, this is quite common but, again, not all areas do this, some only offer the 12 week scan, some only the 20 week scan, and some both!

    Sorry, I've rambled on a bit! Def give your surgery a call though and they should be able to help! xxx
  • hi when i was pregnant with my daughter my dr didnt test me or anything just said to book in with midwife at about 10 weeks. i didnt have a 12 week scan because i said i knew my dates but i think most places do these as standard now. dont worry tho as at the beginning you dont normally see your midwife alot as far as i remember, its nearer the end when they are more interested in seeing you but they do see you to check bp and blood sugars ect. oh and they will test to see what blood group you are.
  • Hiya, I don't have anything useful to add, just wanted to say congratulations!! x
  • Thanks everybody thats made it a bit clearer in my head now. il defo call surgery to see what to do there is no point in wasting an app.
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