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Blood tests during pregnancy?

Hi girls,

Hope you can help - partner and I want to try for a baby in the summer, after the wedding. We're both excited about this and i am getting really broody now, the problem is i am terrified of blood tests. I have never actually had one but i have chickened out of several (for other, non-pregnancy related stuff) at the last minute and refused them. I also don't like physical contact with strangers so the thought of being examined turns my stomach. What i basically want to know is:

How many blood tests would be taken in a normal pregnancy?

How many times would the Dr need to examine me?

Can i refuse any of the procedures?

I don't feel able to ask my Dr without first being armed with some info as i don't want it to look like i'm questioning his judgment.

Please help!


  • you dont HAVE to have any blood tests but its sensible to incase you are res.neg in which case you would need 2 injections of anti d.

    i never had an internal examination when i was pregnant. they normally want to feel your belly to see where the baby is lying and to measure your baby compared to dates.and they like to listen to babays heartbeat too.

    its not intrusive at all but im afraid they do have to check you internally when you are in labour to see how dialated you are and how things are coming along. if you explain to your midwife (when you are pregnant) how you feel then she will help you and respect your descions, if not you can always ask for another midwife.
  • I'm so glad someone else asked this question...the one thing putting me off ever getting pregnant is the blood tests...i've never had one, but have a really bad phobia of needles and the thought of someone taking blood out of me turns my stomach!
  • I had my first baby four months ago and im not very keen on needles. I had one blood test at my booking in appointment with mw and then went upstairs for 12wk scan. Unfortunately, i was rhesus neg so had to have 3injections on anti-d. If you don't have the 1st blood test to check your blood group if you are rhesus neg it could have an affect on future pregnancies so i would advise you get this done. I wasn't internally examined until i my waters broke and labour hadn't started (it was like a smear if you've had one.) If you are really worried you should speak to your doctor/mw about it. But when you get pregnant im sure you'll think of your baby and you'll be fine. Good luck!! x
  • Thanks for info girls - very helpful and also good to know i'm not the only one who's scared of needles!

  • Hi

    My best friend is now pregnant is so much like you! She is pregnant and is NOT having any blood tests as she does not like blood, needles etc. She is also having a home birth as she isnt too keen on hospitals either.

    She spoke to her doc, MW and hosp and they have respected her decision. In her words its her body and her baby.


  • Hiya,

    I am PETRIFIED of needles, and I am 14 weeks pregnant. I've had one blood test at 10weeks, I explained to the midwife about my phobia and she let me lay on the couch and did everything she could to distract me. I was so proud of myself for doing it afterwards! To me, I kept the health of my baby in mind and told myself that I was doing it for him/her, not for me. She told me that all being ok, I would have just one more test at 20-something weeks and I feel a little more positive now that I've got through the first one!

    Chin up, it's all worth it in the end!

    Corinna x
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