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I'm Late


Me and my husband have been trying for a baby and this month i was late but have taken two tests and they are both negative. I am now nearly three weeks late i dont no what to do. Im 23 and i am never really late so i am a bit worried something maybe wrong.



  • wait another week before you do a test because most tests wont recognis the pregnancy hormone before 4 weeks, unless you get a much more expensive test. if your not normally late then that is a good sign. a girl at my work did about 4 pregnancy tests and they all came out negative but didnt feel right, so went to the doctors, they did a test that was positive and told her she was about 8 weeks pregnant. if you cant wait a week,go and see your gp of haqng on a bit.

    good luck, keep us posted


  • hang in there, i didnt find out until i was 7 and a half weeks gone when i was pregnant with my daughter and my friend didnt find out til she was 9 weeks gone either and that was after taking 8 tests!

    good luck x
  • Hi i did a early pregnancy test on sunday it was negative i did 4 on wednesday all positive just wait a week and try again image good luck
  • BRIDE100BRIDE100 Posts: 884
    Princess - your post made me laugh! 4 tests in one day! Think that's what I will be like! x
  • I am late as well. We have been trying for so long now. Period was due on 10/02/08 and around the date felt like it was coming but nothing. I am starting to feel sick and have been having headaches. Did anyone else experience headaches. I did a test last tuesday and it was negative but wasn't sure about doing another test. Don't know what to do, knowing my luck im not but because I want it so bad, my mind is tricking me.
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