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Any1 used calculation method for conception???

Has anyone used the calculation method for working out your conception day??? HOw do u work it out?

I came off pill in Sept & my hubby & I r trying ttc. The first cycle was 5wks & for the last 2 cycles that I have had I have been exactly 7wks 2days when I have had my next cycle. Now 7wks 2days must be my normal cycle if I have been lucky twice to have the same time. I have looked on internet on calculation days for conception & they say that best time to conceive for me now would be anytime in the 3rd week of the month of March.


  • rachaelafryrachaelafry Posts: 4,271
    I used the ovulation calendar for my first pregnancy and it worked first time, hubby was away for the first two months when I would have been ovulating so obviously I didnt expect to fall but then the following he was home around that time so we 'did it' like rabbits and I fell pregnant! I think I used the calculator on x Good luck xx
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