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reassurance/advice please

hello everyone,

i recently did not feel 'right' and on the day i was due to start my period i decided to do a test. me and my husband were not actively ttc but thought 'well if it happens it happens'-rather than put any more stress on us. the test came back positive, so over the next 3 days i did 3 more tests and they were all positive! very pleased!

i am now 6 weeks but i am not feeling nausea, too tired or anything really. in fact, i just don't feel pregnant. i just wondered if this was normal? i think i would feel better if i had symptoms or something. did anyone else feel this way? i don't know if i can wait 4 weeks for the scan! i'm starting to doubt the tests!!

harriet x:\?


  • Hi hun

    dont worry!! be glad you dont have morning sickness, not everyone gets it!! i did but i wish i didnt! there are so many other symptoms, tiredness, moody, metalic taste in mouth, tender breasts, food aversions, missing periods and mnay more

    you have had many positive tests! its very common to get a false negative, but very rare to get a false positive!!

    Your fine, and its only 4 weeks till your scan. If you are really worried speak to your midwife, practice nurse or dr. dont forget, dont listen to other peoples pregnancy stories, no two pregnancies are the same!! i was panicking at 8 months as my belly button didnt pop out lol!!

    congratulations sweetheart!!

    Take care and folic acid!!


    kel xx
  • Quite agree with Kel, I'm now 29 weeks pregnant with our wedding day baby, and I didn't feel anything - no sickness, just very very tired (although I am a Reception teacher, and the first trimester coincided with the start of the year so that's not altogether surprising!!). Still don't really feel that different now, apart from an ever expanding bulk and constantly feeling as though someone is washing up in my tummy as little one is quite a wriggler!!! There are so many poor Mummies who really suffer throughout pregnancy - just be grateful if you are one of the lucky ones like me!!! Take care,

    Sarah & Bump (29 weeks today!)
  • teiganukteiganuk Posts: 580
    hi little girl is 2 now but i remember when i was pregnant i was exactly the same as u. I did about 3 tests & they were all positive & i went to the doctors to find out my rough due date b4 my scan, I assumed they would do another test but they didnt & I came away thinking am I? arnt i? I didnt have any sickness/tiredness or food cravings in my entire 9 months of pregnancy...I was quite looking 4ward to the food cravings so i could send my h2b out at 2am to our 24hr tesco! he he!! I didnt really start getting a bump til about 6 months & even at 9 months pregnant I wasnt that big...altho at the time i felt like a beach whale!! I think 4 me, it was when she started moving that it became 'real' 4 me.

    I think every pregnancy is different but i can totally imagine how u r me the 9 months goes so quickly so make the most of feeling so well xx
  • rachaelafryrachaelafry Posts: 4,271
    When I was pregant first time I didnt have any symptoms at all everything just went like a dream, second time was different! if you feel good, then make the most of it. Dont doubt the tests, there is no such thing as a false positive! x
  • hope your ok hun!! how yu feeling now??

    thinking of ya

    kel xx

    p.s. im sure i must have had your morning sickness aswell. looking back, i was the only lass at my antinatal who had morning sickness!!

  • hello,

    thankyou for all your kind words of reassurance! i'm sure you're all right and its good to hear about all those pregnancies without the sickness etc! i think i'm just going to have to relax and make the most of things whilst i feel fine!!

    thanks again


  • het, i have to agree with everyone here....stop worrying!!

    i was the same....not believing i was acutally pregnant, i searched the internet high and low looking for answers...but deep down knew myself that i was just being over worried and slightly paranoid....

    i did at test at 5 weeks at the doctors and it was negative so carried on as usual, having the occassinal bottle of wino!! image...after anotyher 2 weeks went back and it was positive....went for booking in at hospital, and still didnt believe it..even the first scan came and went, i saw the baby myself and still felt like a morning sickness was awful and had to be prescribed tablets for it...still didnt sink in that i was actually gonna be a @ 22 weeks with a huge belly and massive kicks from little un' i'm starting to believe.....

    good luck and get as much rest as possible, its very tiring making a beautiful babbab so rest rest and rest....

    p.s my morning sickness didnt start until about 7 weeks and i had no other symptoms either...sit back and enjoy the ride!
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