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Low Blood Pressure

Hi girls,

anyone else suffered from low blood pressure during their pregnancy? I fainted on Sunday and feel constantly dizzy and faint. Went to midwife and she says i have low blood pressure. Any advice would be welcome.....

Thanks x


  • Hi

    I suffered with low blood pressure for both of my pregnancies. You are not alone! Although I dont really have any helpful advice about what you can do about it. Its strange feeling dizzy all the time (I still suffer with it now sometimes). It gradually eased as the pregnancy went on, if I remember rightly.

    sorry I'm not much help!

    good luck

    x x C x x
  • Hi C, thanks for your reply. I'm 20 weeks so thought was abit strange, to just start with it now - i was just starting to feel better after my morning sickness as well. Never mind will just have to rest and see how i feel. x
  • Hi

    I suffered with low blood pressure all way through my pregnancy, i think its very common. if i was stood for a long period of time i would start to feel dizzy and light headed!

    Faye x
  • hi there, low blood pressure is quite common but you judst got to be slow on standing up and sitting down quickly. keep and eye on it and keep your water and energy levels up. as long as you dont start suffering from high blood pressure you should be ok. just take it nice and easy and if ou feel dizzy or sick ,sit down with a glass of cool water.

    good luck with it iall
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