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hi girlies after 2 week long wait finally been to docs. He was really nice, he said i will be due around 16th Oct :\) great but only worry is il be around 14 weeks at wedding im praying i will still fit into my dress. How long is it before you start showing? He said i will be fine i will only have a small bump and because im an aerobics instructor it might not even be much of a bump:\? Still a bit worried though. Oh my breasts are agony but no morning sickness (so far, fingers crossed). Anyway how far on were you before you started to show?


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    Hi hon!

    I started to show at about 9 weeks, but only so you could see when I had no clothes on which shouldn't be a worry at your wedding! My about 15 weeks it was obvious to my friends, and my 17/18 weeks I was definitely looking pregnant! However, my stomach muscles aren't the best so you'll probably be able to cover it alot better than I could! Glad the appt went well, and lucky you avoiding morning sickness, I've had it the whole way through!

    Carly xxx
  • hi congratualtions btw. to answer your question. i didnt even show until i was past my 20 week scan! no-one can really say if you will show or not as my friend looked pregnant before she got a positive test at 9 weeks!

    im sure you will be fine in your dress tho at 14 weeks. good luck with everything x
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    Hi. I didn't start to show until about 16 weeks and then other people were struggling to see it, I think you notice it more yourself as it is your body, it was more obvious at about 18 weeks. You should be fine as you are no doubt very toned but you never can say, everyone is different! Fingers crossed though and lets hope that morning sickness stays away. Mine started at 10 weeks and lasted until 18 weeks and for that whole time I was completely exhausted, just about got out of bed!

  • Thanks everybody your advice has been a great help. Now just to start enjoying the pregnancy ( well so long as sickness stays away better not speak too soon hee hee)image
  • Congratulations Fitness Queen!!

    With my daughter, by 12 weeks pregnant it as obvious I was pregnant and I was starting to wear maternity clothes. Now I'm not a big girl at all. I'm a size 8 but I showed really quickly. This time round, I'm 13 weeks now and I'm still in my skinny jeans! I don't look pregnant at all. All I can say is every pregnancy is different but as you're an aerobics instructor I should imagine it will take a while for any bump to show on you.

    I'm sure you will look lovely in your wedding dress. Just remember you're NOT eating for two! I think that's where I went wrong with my first one and I ended up putting on over 4 stone!! It all falls off though.

    Good luck with your wedding and the bubba xx
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    My sis recently had a baby and she as huge already at 14 weeks. She is very small so the bump was really obvious.

    BUT she is the first to admit that she has NO stomach muscles whatsoever which apparently can mean you show sooner so being a fitness instructor you may be fine.

    As people say it totally varies. I saw a woman at work yesterday who was just over 12 weeks and didn't look the slightest bit pregnant (and she is very petite as well)
  • Thanks girlies all advice welcome. The funny thing is ive not got a big appettite for some reason a few mouthfulls of my dinner and im stuffed.but i do eat lots of fruit throughout the day between classes. Doc said its still perfectly ok to still eat all my protein (not a carbs chic, but in baby books its saying to eat lots of carbs) so hopefully will not put on too much excess fat and keep my lean muscle tone:\? But please keep bringing on advice much appreciated. How about you gals expecting?
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    When I was pregnant first time round I was barely showing by my 20 week scan I am average size 12 normally and continued eating as normal, 2nd time round which is always differnet cos your body has already been stretched once I had a rounded tummy, you could tell I was pregnant but not hugely but I used the excuse of being pregnant to scoff my face! Something I regretted when I had 2 stone to loose after giving birth and breastfeeding, so just keep your diet healthy and pig out after your wedding if need be and you should be fine xxx good luck x
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