[color=red]UPDATED AGAIN! H2b Fertility[/color]

Me back again with another update. Not updating the original post as it has now stretched to 3 pages!

Basically we had our hospital appointments to confirm there are no problems with my fertility. Consultant then writing to the Army to see if they will fund ICSI.

They don't fund it.


My doctor in my army medical centre is bloody awesome! She phoned me on Friday to say she had consultants coming down from Frimly Park Hospital (where our consultant works) and she was going to argue my case as why shouldn't the army help us? The only reason they don't fund is because the army is predominantly male, and of the females who are serving, very few of them need assisted fertility.

She then called me back and said I need to register with a civilian GP in my area (Camden) and go through it that way. She said the nearest hospital that could treat us is the Hammersmith, and she'd already phoned the person who deals with funding. Once a GP refers us......


Now, I'm not getting my hopes up too much. I know there will be waiting lists and complications along the road, but this is the first real positive piece of news we have had over it all! This has got the ball rolling (so to speak!! lol)

H2b is on leave at the moment so went to get the registration pack from the local GP's for me and has taken the completed forms back for me. We really weren't expecting this news, it's brilliant!

H2b goes back out to Afghanistan in April so things will have to wait until he returns (probably take longer than that anyway!)

But, we're so happy!!!imageimageimageimageimage

*Dances round the office as typing this post has cheered her up again!!*


  • Hi Gingerkel, i have followed your previous posts so i know your story, this is fantastic news - i dont blame you for being excited. I think you should but the dr in the Army medical centre a big box of chocs to say thank you. Hope everything goes ok for you both - keep positive and keep us updated. xxxx
  • Thanks SVB, still smiling!
  • That is brilliant!! Good for your army doctor!

    Hope this helps hon x x
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