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stretch marks

soo.. i read that most women get stretch marks on their tummy at the last months. i recently gained some weight and already have stretch marks. does that mean i should expect to be full of them if i get pregnant?

been browsing this place for a while, a while to long!

and im kind of scared..


  • gemsy81gemsy81 Posts: 918
    Not necessarily, I already have stretchmarks on my sides, thighs and boobs, but haven't got any new ones since becomming pregnant and have currently only got two months to go! If you moisturise your skin through pregnancy you shouldnt get them too bad (although I havent and im okay!)
  • I have 3 kids i didnt listen to the advice about plenty of moisturising with the first 2 and did get stretch marks but did take care and moisturised with the third and was much better .for the past year ive been using coco butter and bio oil and i have been amazed it really has made the marks fade to the extent you can hardly see them. x
  • i'm afraid i'm of the opinion that if you're prone to them anyway you're going to get them! I did listen to the advise about moisturising, etc whilst i was pregnant and it didn't work, i have stretch marks that are like huge grooves in the skin on my tummy and thighs and about 10mm wide! I don't like bearing a bikini or swimming costume anymore and hate getting undressed infront of people who don't know me, but they have faded now so that they're not so red and angry anymore, they're more of a silvery colour, i don't mind that much though, they're just reminders of my two wonderful kids and if i had to choose between no stretch marks and my kids i'd still choose the kids!
  • dizzycowdizzycow Posts: 831
    thanks for replying girls image maybe i get them because i dont drink water and im dehydrated in general? i got my first on my legs when i was 14
  • teiganukteiganuk Posts: 580
    hi i was really worried about getting stretch marks when i was pregnant so i went through about a tub of moisturiser a week! I applied it bout 3-4 times a day! I gave birth with no strethch marks at all, a few days after tho i noticed i had one on my right hip but luckily it was only bout a cm long & really thin. Im not sure whether it was the moisturiser that worked or the fact people are prone to mum never got any so maybe thats y. Also my bump wasnt as big as some ive seen so maybe i was lucky!! Some1 i know had really awful stretch marks and decided to pay to have laser treatment to remove them but it was very expensive & didnt remove them completely.

  • Try cocoa butter, it will help. And also L'oreal do an excellent stretch mark cream for afterwards. But, yes they do happen unless you are super lucky. I had barely any with my first daughter, and my second gave me loads - which are fading - yay.
  • bridiebirdbridiebird Posts: 1,385
    My belly is riddled with strech marks from both of my pregnancies - the second time they just sort of carried on from the old ones!

    That said, both of my babies were big - nearly 9lbs and 10lbs, so I should guess that is to be expected. x
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