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Did you find out the sex of your baby?

Hi everyone, was just wondering who found out the sex of their baby at their 20 week scan? I am sure i'm having a boy, but went to midwife on Monday and she said if she had to guess after listening to the heartbeat she would say it's a girl as heatbeat was over 150???

Anyone else has a similar experiene or found then the sex and wish they hadnt or vise versa?


  • my sister found out at her 20week scan she is having boy. never heard of the whole heartbeat thing though so wouldnt listen to her much
  • We weren't going to find out, but I've managed to talk hubby round. Got to wait until 17th March to find out though for my next scan. I really want to know although we're all convinced it's going to be a boy!

    Corinna x
  • when i had my daughter the hospital wouldnt tell you at the scan what the sex was so i asked my midwife nd she listened to heartbeat and said, a girl and she was right.
  • I found out at my 20wk scan it was a boy, or so they thought. So when i went for my 3D scan I asked him to double check and it was definiatly a boy, I've even got the scan pic that shows his little friend was told she was having a girl at her 20wk scan so she bought everything in pink and guess was a boy.....the poor little sod's first pictures are him dressed head to toe in pink.......I'd go for a 3d scan its magical and my baby boy looks exactly the same as he did in the scan its quite amazing

  • I found out with my daughter. Initially I didn't want to know until I got to the scan and the woman asked if I would like to know. Hubby didn't want to know so he had to leave the room! I was pleased that I found out because it gave me a bit of time to get used to knowing what we were having and I could bond with her a bit if that made sense. So many people told me it was a boy so I could have really thought it was a boy.

    My friend was told by her midwife that she's having a boy but she went for her 20 week scan last week and found out it's a girl! x
  • I found out the sex with all three of my children, i really wanted to know right from the begining. I think its nice to know....choosing names....buying clothes.....imagining what they look. Although i'm glad i found out the surprise at the end would have been nice but i'm just far too impatient to do that
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    I've got my 20 week scan next week (although I will only be 18 + 4 weeks) and we've decided we want a surprise and won't be finding out the sex. I think it will add to the excitement esp in the final few weeks when I'm getting fed up!LOL! I can totally understand why people want to know and plan things, its a very personal decision.

    We have had fun picking several boys and girls names (which will probably change many times!) and will see which name suits when we see the baby rather than just choose one of each. We would get the bigger things in neutral anyway as we hope to have more children.

    I've also heard and read about the heart beat wifes tale, if its true then I'm having a girl, I have a feeling its a girl but we will see! xx

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    Hi hon, don't listen too much to the heartbeat thing as it's not always right! I'm due to have my little boy in 2 weeks and his heartbeat has consistently been between 150 and 160, so the midwife thought before our scans it would be a girl. Definitely isn't though, the pics are very clear at the scan! xxx
  • Hi

    I didnt want to know the sex of my first child, it was a complete surprise except my GP said it would probably be a girl because I had bad morning (even though it lasted all day until 7pm and then I craved BK whoppers?!) sickness. He was right, she was 15 days late and I was induced and they still didnt tell me, cause I didnt want to know. My second I asked at the scan and they told me it was another girl, which was fine, but in hindsight I wish I hadn't found out; I like surprises! I was induced with my second as well, she was a big baby and was born 7 days early! Both were born naturally and I would do it all over again.

    good luck all you blossoming mums to be

    x x x :\)
  • I had three boys, and each time i was told they were girls from the heartbeat. And i had VERY bad sickness all day everyday until i had them.
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    I was given that old hearbeat story by my midwife who on both occasions insisted I was having a boy and they were both girls! I wouldnt find out the sex of your baby otherwise when you give birth there is no surprise, no debating over names, no breaking the news to nana and grandad that they have a grandson/daughter (unless you are very secret and keep it to yourself!) They didnt tell sex when I had my first but they did with my second and I declined and I decided in my birth plan that I wanted Ian to announce what we had and when she came out the midwifes stepped back so he could have a look and tell me and its a memory that is so clear in my mind, it was precious xxx
  • I noticed that Jamie was a boy at the 20 week scan, radiographer confirmed it!!

    Jamie also had a fast heart rate!! over 180!!

    kel xx
  • Hi girls, well me and hubby have made up our minds to find out the sex! Although it would have been nice to wait the suspence is killing us now! I have my scan tomorrow so will let you all know. How funny would it be after all this if the baby has it's legs crossed or is facing away!!!!!!

    Good luck to everyone who only have a few weeks to go xxxx
  • Hi everyone, you will not believe it - the baby had it's legs firmly shut so we still dont know........ The sonogragher said he hadnt seen anything to indicate it was a boy so if he had to guess he would say it was a girl - but would give me a percentage of how sure he was. The positive news is that all is well with the baby and that's the most important thing xx
  • So pleased to hear that everything is ok with your baby!

    You must be pleased. Its a shame you could'nt find out the sex after you'd finally decided to, never mind hun, maybe you might get the chance later if you have another scan, if not it will be a nice surprise!

    When i was having my first little boy he had his legs together at the 20week scan but later on i had another one and then i found out. Not being able to find out at 20weeks only made me want to know more!

    Allie x
  • i have no idea if i want to know or not, h2b would like to though, i've got untill 26/march to decide although im going to be 21+3 so h2b could come to the app with me, i cant wait to see the scan just to see him/her looking healthy, im looking into the 3d scan too but dont think it can be done here,

    gnasher = love your counter how do you get it to show on your posts

    xxx image
  • I have a daughter and a son, when i was pregnant with my first child i had a really spooky dream when i was about 16 weeks pregnant and in this dream the baby was a girl, so after that i was absoloutly convinced that it was a girl, although i didn't go as far as buying anything in pink just in case, but i still wanted a surprise so we didn't find out at the scan, i was admitted to hospital at 24 weeks for a couple of weeks which involved practically constant montoring and the heart beat was always above 140 (i was told over 140 was female and below was male) but i was absoloutly desperate for a girl by the time i was due, it was just as well she was a pink one! 2nd time around i felt completely different and i was huge right from the start, which again, according to old wives tales, out front and big for a boy, all round and petite for a girl, we had a scare at 15 weeks with a threatened miscarriage and i had to have a scan, we decided that we did want to know what it was this time and asked if it was too early to tell, she said it was really but thought that it might be a boy but to have it confirmed at our 20 week scan, when we went for the 20 week one, the baby was being awkward and wouldn't move, its legs were crossed tight at the ankles, with legs out straight and the umbilical cord running through its legs, but heartbeat was always fairly low 120-130 beats, when i asked the midwife whether i could take that as confirmation that it was aboy, she said that it was an old wives tale and not to be trusted, as it was he was blue!!! (literally the umbilical cord was wrapped round his neck several times!!!)

    ps i agree with racaelafry, it was great being able to phone everyone afterwards to announce what we'd had, especially when Hubby got to phone his mother at 6am the morning our daughter was born and say "Happy birthday Grandma", she didn't stop crying all day, for her first granchild and much wanted female one arrived on her 55th birthday! We also decided not to tell anyone what we were thinking we were having when prgnant with our son for the same reason, although we wanted to know we still wanted it to be a surprise to everyone else.

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    babyemzie - go to this site:

    Click on baby tickers

    Enter your due date in the box at the top

    Then choose one of the tickers underneath by clicking on 'get my ticker'

    This will take you to cord blood banking, at the bottom of the page click on the box saying 'Yes I know about cord blood banking, now take me to my ticker'!

    You will see a few different codes, apparently the BBCODE (url=http) works best in chat rooms, click on select and copy

    Then copy and paste it and save as a word document. Its best to do this as you need to paste it everytime to post on here and it saves you going back to the website each time you want to use it

    Don't use the quick reply box if you want to use it on here as it won't work

    Have fun, there are other ticker sites also with some really cute tickers xx

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    Ooops! I did something wrong there, I'm 18+2 wks not 21+ (I wish!). Probably best to use the ticker at the top (like mine below) after you've put in your due date. Sorry to cause any confusion! xx

  • thanks gnasher they really are so cute, lol i know how nice would it be to be 21+, im 17+3 so not far behind you


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    Ahh, thats a cute one! Nice to be nearly halfway isn't it! I think I've felt some movements but not sure, as this is my first its hard to know what to expect. Have you been on baby expert? Great site xx

  • no i haven might have to have a look , i get daily emails from that have been quie helpfull,

    i thought i felt the baby move over the weekend whiles in the bath but its also my first so it could have been wishfull thinking image

    its very exciting i cant wait for my next scan and ive got an app with midwife next mon to and ill hopefully be able to hear its hart beat

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    Oh I love hearing the heartbeat! Will it be the first time you've heard it? I cried when I first heard my lo! I'm in america and am lucky as I'm being cared for by an obstetrician who I see every 4 weeks. She found the heartbeat on the doppler at 11 weeks and hubby got to hear it at our 12 week scan. I still makes me feel emotional when I hear it now! I was tempted to get an angelsounds doppler but worry that I'll become obsessed or stressed if I can't find the hb!

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