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Are holiday vaccinations dangerous for pregnancy?

Hi, we're going to Bali on our honeymoon and I heard we may need to take anti-malaria vaccinations. We planning to start trying for a baby straight away - does anyone know if it's harmful to do so while on medication?

I'll obviously check with our doctor too but thought you girls may already know xx


  • From the NHS Direct website:

    If you are pregnant, ideally you should avoid travelling to a place where malaria is present. If your trip cannot be avoided, you should consult your GP before taking any anti-malaria medication.

    If you are not pregnant and due to travel to a place where malaria is present, you should delay trying for a baby while you are taking anti-malaria medication. With some medication, you may have to make sure that you do not get pregnant for three months after you stop taking it.


  • medusaukmedusauk Posts: 170
    Thanks for taking the time to look that up, I feel very lazy now! I'm a bit disappointed because we were looking forward to trying straight away. Oh well, health comes first.

    Mind you, I'm still not sure whether we'll definitely need anti-malaria tablets for Bali - a few people I know said not. I'll check it out anyway and explain we want to try. You never know, there may be some kind of medication for Bali that's safe for pregnancy xx
  • Not lazy at all! I knew it was three months, but didn't want to just blurt it out!

    Just looked this up though, and you may not need the malaria tablets for Bali, maybe someone else can confirm this? (indonesia).118.html

    Just a mosquito net?

    Good Luck!
  • medusaukmedusauk Posts: 170
    Thanks, Mrs Mc, looks like we might not need them after all. That's really encouraging! We'll double check with the doctor just to be on the safe side xx
  • Mrs-D-2bMrs-D-2b Posts: 187
    Hi Chester bride - Im a fellow Bali honeymooner also ttc straight away! Ive got my appointment at the doctors for vaccinations next week, so will let you know what I have. I looked at the link on here and it says you dont need malaria tablets, so I think were gonna be ok! When are you going to Bali and where ru staying?
  • medusaukmedusauk Posts: 170
    Hi Mrs-D-2b, we're in the same boat then! I'll be really interested to find out what your doctor says, thanks. Actually, I spoke to my step-sister last night and she's a doctor (although not a GP) and she said she's never bothered with anti-malaria medication when she's been to Bali. She said I may need to check I'm up to date with injections, though (I'm sure those wouldn't interfere with ttc).

    My honeymoon is early Sept and we're going to the Oberoi at Seminyak, Aliya at Ubud and then Shangri-La in Singapore on the way back. Can't wait! How about you?
  • Mrs-D-2bMrs-D-2b Posts: 187
    I think im going to have to have injections but h2b will be there to hold my hand - im a real wimp!

    We get married June 1st - 99 days to go!!! Im so excited but also so much left to do! Were staying at the Puri Santrian in Sanur for 2 weeks and planning a 3 day retreat trip to Ubud as it looks so lovley and peaceful. Bali is becomming really popular as it such a beautiful place. My cousins in Auz go there alot and really rave about it.

    I will let you know how I get on at the docs.xx
  • Mrs-D-2bMrs-D-2b Posts: 187
    Just to quickly update you all on the vaccinations for Bali. I went to the doctors last night and had to have Diphtheria, Hepatitis, Polio, Tetanus, Typhoid injections and NO Malaria tablets!!! The nurse said as long as you are not going to another country where there is a risk, then there is no need for them. She also said trying to conceive after the injections was not a problem, as long as your not pregnant already.

    I hope this helps!

  • medusaukmedusauk Posts: 170
    Thanks, that's really useful to know and I'm relieved about the ttc information. Just one final question - do you know how far in advance you have to have the injections? My honeymoon is the end of August so maybe I'll wait until three months before, like you x
  • Mrs-D-2bMrs-D-2b Posts: 187
    I dont think you have to have it too far in advance, about 3 months is probably about right, but they do last for atleast a year, so its up to you really.

    All I can say is that I feel crap today - im all dizzy with 2 very sore arms and I really dont feel muself. Im not sure how long im gonna last at work today. But then again, H2B had same as me and he feels ok, so everyone is different.

  • medusaukmedusauk Posts: 170
    Oh no, hope you're feeling better soon! x
  • I used homeapathy during pregnancy when I went away. Do you have a homeopath nearby?
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