Baby Weight??

Hi girls,

I wonder if anyone can shed any light for me. I have been reading a few of the posts on various subjects and nowadays women seem to have bigger babies. I have seen a few women say they have had 7lb + and also 9-10lb as well.

Can anyone tell me whether this depends on your size and your weight at birth? I am 4ft 11, 8st 2lb and 10 weeks pregnant with my first. When I was born I weighed 5lb and then went down to 4lb 4oz, my brother and sister were the same. My H2B weighed 5lb 4oz at birth but is now a 6ft rugby player!!!

I'm getting kind of worried that it has nothing to do with size and my little frame will have to push 10lb of baby out!?

I know it will all be worth it in the end but I think I would like to be prepared? Can anyone offer any advice??



  • gemsy81gemsy81 Posts: 918
    I think I've read that it depends on a lot of factors, such as genetics, the health of the mother, and environmental factors. Im almost 33 weeks and haven't gained weight other than my bump, and thats not massive either so Im hoping she will be 6Ibs which is what I weighed when I was born. I'd say from what you said, it sounds like you have a good chance of not having a 10lb baby!
  • I too think alot of factors are involved with regards the size and weight of your baby. I'm 5ft7 and above average in size and my two were 8lb8 and 8lb13. My partner was 10lb at birth and I was 9lb2. My sister was 9lb4 when she was born and she is 5ft2 and average size for her height. My mum was above average in weight when she was born and she too is like my sister in build and she had 9lbers!

    More petite ladies can have bigger babies too, my nan was about 5ft and had a tiny little waist and she carried, and gave birth naturally, to twins weighing in at 7lb each, she had 4 children in total and they all weighed above average.

    My partners mum had 4 children, the 2 boys were 10lb and a bit and the 2 girls came in at 6lb and a little under. The girls later went on to have their own babies and all 4 weighed in at less than 61/2lb.

    Hope you can make sense of all that??!! Sorry if I'm waffling on!

    One of my midwives did say that if you are were a 'big' baby you are more likely to have an above average sized baby.

    take care and good luck, try to enjoy every moment.

    x x x :\)

  • I could probably cope with 6lb!!

    Thanks girls! You've helped me a lot. I will now attempt to enjoy it!!

    Leanne xx
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    I am 5ft 4in and weigh 8.5st (did before pregnancy too), I hardly gained any extra weight during pregnancy and up until about 24 weeks I had a fairly small bump, then things started to change, my bump got bigger and bigger - it was huge but I didn't even look any different from the back! I still kept being told by midwives that I would have a small baby as both me and h2b are fairly small but in the end she weighed 9lb11oz. I weighed 8lb6oz and h2b weighed 9lb110z so from my experience parents birth weight has a lot to do with it!

    Try not to worry about it and enjoy pregnancy, after all there is not much that you can do about it!


  • Wanna-bumpWanna-bump Posts: 1,546
    Like others have said, it does depend on a lot of different factors and not necesserily the size or diet of the mother (I'm 5ft with a 6ft3 hubby so this saddens me too). As a neonatal nurse, I think 8lb is about the average these days. I've even seen small teenage Mum's having 10+lb-ers (don't panic- that's rare!). Often familial patterns (like your own weight at birth) can influence things so you may be ok. Birth size has changed substantially as diets have changed, the population has become taller/heavier and people are now strongly discouraged against smoking whilst pregnant (=bigger, healthier babies). You just have to trust nature I'm afriad... Good luck and have fun being a Mummy! I can't wait until my time comes image
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    There nothing about your physical shape that can determine your babies weight, they will grow how they want to grow, I am 5ft 3, about 9 and half stone and had two girls, first was 7lb4, 2nd was 8lb5. They do get heavier the more you have but its not something you should be worrying about, you can still give birth whether its a 6 pounder or a 10 pounder, thats the magical thing about being a woman xxx
  • my son was 9lb 8 and i was told he would be average size which i was told was between 7 1/2 lb and 8lb. i was 8lb when i was born and my sister 8lb 10.
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