Is there any Mummies to be due in June???


I have a beautiful Daughter aged 20 months and due to have a little boy on June 7th also getting married three months after he is born, which is a bit scary everything that we have to do in a short space of time!

Is there any other Mummies to be due in June?

It would be great to hear from you.


  • sca438sca438 Posts: 355
    I'm due late May, so could be June!! first one and is a little girl who's fav time of the morning is 1 o clock!!

    Cheryl xx

  • Hey ladies - try this website - I have two little boys - but didn't find the website until I was pregnant the second time! It has a week by week discussion forum so you can chat to people who are the same time along as you are! It was my life saver! I have now replaced my addiction to that website with an addiction to this one hehehe!!!

    Good Luck,

    Lyn xxx
  • Oh wow sca - I had a little girl first in late May 2 years ago and she was sooo cute in all her pretty summer outfits, not that she isn't now.

    My little boy's favourite time is 2 o'clock at the moment, which is a bit annoying, the whole mattress was moving last night, very surprised H2B didn't wake up!

    Lyn - Thanks for that hun I will definately check that out.

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