How long did it take you?

Hey everyone, i got married Aug 07 and we have decided to try for a baby in May/June this year. I have been on various pills and the injection since i was 16 (i'm 25 this year) and i am planning on coming off the pill at the end of March to give my periods chance to get back to normal.

Just want to ask anyone who can answer, how long did it take you to concieve after you came off the pill? x


  • i came off the pill in july and am still not pregnant but my doctor said that it only takes a week for the pill to be out of your system not a few months as people think. it just depends on you as to how long it takes. try not to think to much about the trying as the first few months i was so excited as i thought it wouldnt take me long so now i tend to not get my hopes up. what im saying please do be prepared for disappointment if AF arrives when your not wanting it to. good luck with trying sending you babydust x

  • Thankyou MrsCree2Be i will bear that in mind, i know i am getting a bit crazy about wanting a baby, and Husband has already told me to not even think of it until May as it is not the right time for us yet, i am just overly broody! Good luck to you too, and i'll send you babydust and best wishes x
  • Hi Butterfly83, i got married in August 07, stopped taking the pill in August had 1 period and then fell pregnant in October - so it all happened pretty quick for us. But it's differnet for everyone. If you want to get pregnant straight away i would use ovulation sticks. Good luck - sending baby dust your way xxxx
  • Hi

    I stopped taking the pill at the start of last year and I have just discover I am pregnant! So about 13 months for me

    Rach x
  • Thanks everyone, i think i'm just worried that i won't be able to get pregnant, and the waiting to find out would drive me mad! Good luck with your little bundles, and those TTC. x x
  • iv never been pregnant altho i am extremely broody but anyway my friend came of her pill in the april and was pregnant by the november so 7 months for her . think everyone will be different tho.
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    Hi i came off the pill in the november & conceived in the may so it took me 6 months. xx
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    I'm in the same boat as you - was on the pill for around 10yrs on and off. Came off it last March and still not pregnant. Have had weird symptoms, sorry if it sounds gross! - white, milky discharge from a boob, strange pains around the time ovulation should be. Went to see the doctor about the discharge, and he said it was just my natural hormones kicking back into gear. Getting to the point where I'm getting excited every month, only to be disappointed when the evil time happens!!

    Congrats to all the ladies who are expecting. I'm really happy for you all! Good luck to everyone else!!

  • Ok girls, i think it's just a case of waiting it out and hoping for the best then! I would like to come off the pill and start trying now but husband says no and is getting really irate as i keep nagging him to start now when we had plans in place as to when we would start ttc. I think i should just keep my mouth shut and continue looking at baby clothes! x
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    My friend took 9 months to fall...god knows how long it'll take me tho!! xx
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    i came off the pill in the March and found out i was pregnant in mid july - so three months for me.
  • I stopped taking the pill 13 month ago, doc thinks I suffered an early miscarriage las t month, so early I had 3 days to go to see if I was or wasn't pregnant, So if he's right it took me 1 year, hopefully it will work out this month!
  • Sorry to hear that Soon2bmrs, good luck with this month!
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    Hello Butterfly83

    I was also on the pill for 10 years and had various problems with cysts etc. However, we count ourselves extremely lucky in that I came off the pill Dec05 and found out I was pregnant in May06, so about 5 months for us.

    Everyone is different so there's no definate answer to the question 'how long will it take us'? I was the last of my friends to get pregnant so I lived through them all trying/getting caught etc! For some it was a shock and for others they're still trying after 4/5 years or have discovered there's sadly no hope.

    I've read the 'average' time is around 12months and if nothing has happened by then then to go to the Dr's for some basic tests.

    Anyway, enough waffle! I hope you enjoy your trying! image

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    hi i was on the injection then went on the implant for 3 years i got that removed july 2006 and havent used any thing since and even though im not timing my best dates to have sex, just thought something would of happened by now, dont no weather to worry yet or not or use the ovulation sticks to get the exact dates and take it from there.
  • Clare&shaun, don't worry about it, you will just get stressed (easy for me to say, i will be the same if it takes me a while), use the ovulation sticks for a couple of months and if still nothing have a word with your GP or practice nurse and see if they can tell you why it hasn't happened yet or advise what you can do.

    Good luck with the trying though!
  • clareshaunclareshaun Posts: 699

    it is worrying though, i do defo want kids.
  • I can understand. I'm worrying already about it and we haven't even started yet.
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    ye i no what you mean, you just hear so many stories of people trying for years and it doesnt happen.
  • my friend had been on the pill for 7 years, decided she would come off it for a few months to give herself a break and found out she was pregnant a month later
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    I may be wrong but I have heard that you are most fertile at the time that you stop taking the pill, has anyone else heard that? I personally would prefer the pill to be completely out of my system but some people try as soon as they come off the pill to make the most of this. I also know that two of my friends unintentionally fell pregnant when they came off the pill, so it could be true?
  • MrsGToBe, i have also heard you are most fertile in the 2 weeks after you come off the pill, and i have also been researching the pill and whether it is best to let it get out of your system too, and found on a few sites that it doesn't matter if you wait a few months as the pill is out of your system as soon as you don't take it. I am percieving this as that the hormones in each pill are only for each day, and when you don't take it you are not getting the hormones? Maybe? I don't know! I am slightly confused as to what happens on a pill free week then, if you only have a period for 3/4 days then have sex BEFORE the end of the pill free week how come you don't get pregnant? Sooooo confusing!
  • Hello all, I came off the pill in Sept 07 and although we are just taking it easy really and not really bothered about it till after the wedding really, I am not pregnant yet. However, I have just been diagnosed with Endometriosis but noone can tell me whether it is affecting my fertility. Please can people give me examples of some success stoires of people they know who have become pregnant with this and any tips?

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    hi popcornfighter (love the name) I also have endo, havent started trying yet either. My doctor told me she didnt see any problems with me conceiving but not to wait too long just in case. I saw a doctor on telly discussing fertility and he said endo alone rarely causes infertility. I know several people with it who have children, one didnt even know she had it until after her children were born.

    I also know of one case were the person cant have children but she has other problems aswell as endo.

    I guess every case is different and we wont know until we try but dont panic, there are plenty of happy endings, problem is alot of people only remember the horror stories my advice is dont listen to them. The more you stress and worry the harder it will be.

    How bad is yours? Do you get alot of pain? I used to be crippled until I had laparoscopy and diathermy only get the occasional twinge now. Although ive been on the pill since I was diagnosed so fingers crossed i will still be ok when I come off it in July.

    If you want to chat a bit more privately about it you can email me [email protected]

    Good luck xxx
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    my husband and iI are planning to start trying in sept (1 year anniversary!)

    however i have started to take folic acid already in case we have an acident. Anybody who is planning on trying in the next 3 months should start taking folic acid as well.

    I am not on the pill but have quite irregular cycles so have started to take notice of changes through each cycle so that when we do start trying we will be armed with the knowledge of when the best time to "try" for a baby.

    I recently started reading the book, "Taking charge of your fertility".

    I have to say its amazing, I am confident that when I do start trying I will know the 3 or 4 days each month that I am potentially fertile.

    There is so much goes on each month with our bodies - I am finding the book extremely insightful.

    So my advice would be to start taking folic acid and learn as much as possible about when you are fertile so that it will happen as soon as possible!!

    sorry about the rambling!


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    it took 12 months for us to get out son and a week for my daughter lol. i stopped the pill for my son and had the coil out for my daughter. that was completely unexpected. coil out on monday conceved sat lol. but as i said 12 months where the pill was concerned
  • jaynew88jaynew88 Posts: 176
    I stopped taking the pill the month i started trying for a baby last time. I was pregnant in two weeks of trying!i think it all depends on when the times right and when you body is ready. gd luck xxx
  • jaynew88jaynew88 Posts: 176
    I stopped taking the pill the month i started trying for a baby last time. I was pregnant in two weeks of trying!i think it all depends on when the times right and when you body is ready. gd luck xxx
  • jaynew88jaynew88 Posts: 176
    I stopped taking the pill the month i started trying for a baby last time. I was pregnant in two weeks of trying!i think it all depends on when the times right and when you body is ready. gd luck xxx
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