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Hi CarlyC,

Just read you post and thought that i havent been in touch for a while so would touch base with you. How are you doing hon?? Did your sickness ever stop?? Mine lasted till i was about 71/2 months but the good thing about it was that midwife says she has never felt stomach muscles so solid (the only thing i can think of is that is was the sickness tightening them). I have got 5 weeks and 2 days left and i must admit i am struggling now, how about you?? I feel baby is burrowing its way down and my pubic bone really hurts, midwife can barely feel 1/5 now which means i am prob nearly fully engaged but baby laying in right position and everything so who knows. We never found out the sex so the suprise will be nice. I am also trying desperately not to waddle but its getting harder and have decided to try for a water birth. Please keep in touch, its lovely to hear from the 2006 crew and see how everyone is getting on. Good luck!!



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    Hi hon, lovely to hear from you! I have 12 days left now, and, like you, it feels as though he's already burrowing his way out! I'm on edge with every single pain I get thinking it may be labour, but nothing yet! He's been fully engaged for a few weeks now, so hopefully not much longer!

    The sickness stopped for me about 3 weeks ago and, apart from the discomfort, tiredness and impatience, I'm feeling better than I have done through the whole pregnancy! I've only put on 7lbs since I fell pregnant, so, like you sickness has had at least one advantage I guess!

    Fingers crossed we'll be going for a water birth too, roviding the pool at the hospital's free, should see soon enough I guess!

    Glad to hear you're feeling so well, and give in to the waddling urge-I have and find it loads comfier to walk!

    Take care and hope to hear from you soon,

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