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Found out last night - I'm pregnant!!










Am in such shock. We got married on 16th Dec and this is our second month of ttc and although I knew it might happen for some reason i thought it would take us much longer. I feel so lucky that its happened so quickly, I cant believe it.

Last night was in TOTAL shock. Couldnt stop shaking for ages. Today I feel so excited and want to tell everyone but we cant obvisouly as I know its very very early days.

So. Now I have to get past my total fear of anything doctor or medical related! Anyone else a coward and know a way to get past it????


  • Congratulations to exciting!!

    How lucky to have only been trying a few months. I get married in 23 days and tempted to start ttc asap.

    Can i be nosey and ask if you were having regular periods. Mine are all over the place so have no idea which time of the month will be better than others. Just plan to just see what happens.

    How many weeks do you think you are?

    I hate doctors / needles etc...but friends who have had babies say that you end up just getting on with it. Just think you'll have a gorgeous baby at the end of it X
  • MrsSP73MrsSP73 Posts: 353
    Thank you Carla!

    I know, we are soooo lucky, I just cross fingers everything pans out ok during these first few months.

    I came off the pill on our honeymoon, was just before christmas, then had first 'proper' period about 25th Jan. Even though that was kind of 4 weeks I had no idea when the Feb period would arrive as believe you're a bit irregular after coming of the pill so really wasnt sure when to do a test if at all. Only did one last night as I really fancied some wine and something made me feel abit uneasy about it... and well, that was that. No wine! image)

    No idea how many weeks, not sure how they work it out, am guessing 2 or something like that...??

    Have you just come off the pill? There are always the ovulation sticks that can help you predict when you're most likely to conceive, or have heard people recommend a website called to help you work things out.

    You must be really really excited, your wedding is just around the corner, hope all your plans are going smoothly and that you have a wonderful day! Closely followed by a pregnancy!

  • CarlycukCarlycuk Posts: 1,877
    Hi hon, congratulations! With regards to your dates, they take it from the first day of your last period. So if you have a normal 28 day cycle and your last period began on 25th Jan, that would make you due on the 31st October, so you'd be 4 weeks and 5 days pregnant! Bizarre I know considering you wouldn't have actually conceived untio about two weeks after the 25th Jan, but pregnancy is a strange thing! I'm 38 weeks and 4 days pregnant now, and it's the best thing I've ever done, can't wait for my little man to be here!

    Take care and keep well

    Carly xxx
  • MrsSP73MrsSP73 Posts: 353
    Hi CarlyC, thanks for that info - that seems very bizarre but actually, knowing that makes me feel more pregnant now!

    You are almost there now, best of luck!! x
  • Congratulations FMrsSP! You've got so much to look forward to now. I'm over 14 weeks pregnant with my second. Our daughter is 2 on Saturday and believe me, it only seems like yesterday I found out I was pregnant with her! Enjoy every minute! xx
  • Hi


    Same as me decided to do a test last night even tho when I have felt 'funny' before it has been negative!

    Was so laid back when I did it but when those lines appeared I couldn't believe my eyes! and of course it had to be the night when H2B was late home from work!!

    I have roughly calculated mine to the 23rd of October so we are very close.

    I am the same as you, itching to tell someone (well everyone actually) but can't yet.

    I made a doctors appointment for Monday but decided I couldn't last the weekend so managed to change it for tomorrow morning!

    The only thing I have sort of thought was I would like to tell my Mum on Mothers Day and at least if I have it confirmed I would feel a little happier doing that, and will then have to keep my fingers crossed for the best.

    Hope all goes well for you, we should keep in touch.

    I still can't believe it

    Rach x
  • Hia

    I found out yesterday I am pregnant. Slightly nervous as I am getting married at the end of March and am having all sorts of panics about still fitting into my dress(!) and it being a corset style but am over the moon about the baby. H2b and I have been trying for over four years and suffered a miscarriage last year so this is truly the icing on the cake. I am just keeping my fingers crossed that all goes well and trying to focus on the wedding!
  • Hi everyone,

    MrsSP i've been off the pill since august and cycle days have ranged from 35 days to 62 days!!

    However and sorry to be graphic but since speaking to you i have come on today which means last cycle was 44 days long!

    Now i'm in a dilema...i get married in 23 days so should i just start trying after this period? The only reason why i'm impatient is because i know that my cycle is so irregular that this could be the last period for nearly 2 months so do i want to wait until mid april to start?

    Congrats to everyone expecting...very exciting! Mrs. Earnie to be when in march are you getting married? Are you many weeks gone? I must admit fitting into my dress and morning sickness was a worry for me on the wedding day. However after trying for so long you must be so excited and won't mind one bit image

    speak soon xx

  • MrsSP73MrsSP73 Posts: 353
    Hi All, thank you for your congrats! MrsEarnie, thats brilliant news!! And good luck with your wedding!!

    Its a nervous time for all of us in the first few weeks - I keep wondering everytime I wake up if anythings gone wrong and half expect things everytime I go to the loo, am hoping this subsides as I start to believe I'm actually pregnant!!!

    Rach - let me know how it goes at the docs, have made my appointment for monday now. Was speaking to my best friend (told her - couldnt wait) and she has a 12 month old baby, she said that when she went to the docs for the 1st time they didnt even do another test. Apparently the ones you buy off the shelf are so accurate that they dont even need to bother... So Rach, dont think you need anything confirmed even more - you are definetly pregnant!!! But know what you mean, until I see something on a scan I wont beleive it!

    For anyone who is just pregnant, do you feel anything out of the ordinary. I feel a little bit like there's somethng funny going in the place where you would normally get a period pain, but cant put my finger on the feeling, not quite a period pain. I hope this doesnt mean there is anything wrong....

    carla77 - it sounds like you're ready to go for it so maybe you should...its not going to make any difference to your wedding dress now!! image) they say that your cycle starts to settle down after a while though... someone said it can take up to a year?

  • vickyirishvickyirish Posts: 2,037
    Congratulations!!!! you must be so excited.

    wish you all the best


  • Hi

    Went to the docs and you are right, he didn't test again but did tell him I had done 2!

    He prescribed me some folic acid and laxatives and I made an appointment for the midwife 2 weeks today.

    He said there isn't really anything to worry about the midwife will tell you what to do or who to see next so just go with the flow.

    Hope all goes well on Monday

    Rach x
  • Wow, congratulations!! It's my second month of trying too, so I'm hoping I'll be as lucky as you, but I've still got 2 weeks left until I find out. Send some baby dust over here!! xx
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