Help! What are the first symptoms?

Hi All,

Posted early this week to say I've just found out I'm pregnant and someone worked out for me that I am 5 weeks today (last period was 25th Jan).

Just wanted to know what I should expect, I know everyone is different but I've no idea when I may statrt feeling ropey etc.

At the moment, my boobs feel a bit bigger and I get kind of very minor twinges where I would get a period pain, am a bit scared that this isnt normal - docs appointment isnt til Monday.

Any advice appreciated!!

Kim xx



  • gemsy81gemsy81 Posts: 918
    Hi I had a crampy feeling in my tummy when i was about five-ten weeks, it is normal, you only need to be concerned if you get it along with bleeding. I was lucky other than that and have had hardly any problems - no sickness or anything!
  • Hi

    I am have just found out I am pregnant and I think I must have every symptom going!

    Sore breasts, morning sickness, tummy cramps, back ache, headachs and constipation!

    But it will all be worth it in the end, I can live with it for however long!

    Rach x
  • MrsSP73MrsSP73 Posts: 353
    thanks girls, thats good to know!! As you said Rach, as long as its all normal, I dont care what it feels like!! x
  • sca438sca438 Posts: 355
    i didn't get any symptoms at all lol!!!

    having said that, its the tiredness for me which is just coming back now and I could sleep for England....I used to survive on about 6 hours a night but now I need at least that old age or pregnancy

    Congrats to you as well

    Cheryl xx

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