Alcohol during pregnancy

I'm not pregnant, just interested to know the opinions of those of you that are - have you had any alcohol during your pregnancy?

It seems that every day there's a an article in the newspaper giving differing advice. We'll be trying for a baby once we're married in August - always assumed I wouldn't drink at all, but some of my pregnant friends have had the odd glass of wine,

Opinions? x


  • ang772ang772 Posts: 1,399
    I do not want to seem asif i am saying its ok to drink when pregnant. But when i was pregnant during a lovely summer i found it so difficult not goin to beer garden and having a nice cold pint of on two occasions i allowed myself a little half pint.was totally worth it,the alcohol free stuff just isnt the same.
  • ang772ang772 Posts: 1,399
    I do not want to seem asif i am saying its ok to drink when pregnant. But when i was pregnant during a lovely summer i found it so difficult not goin to beer garden and having a nice cold pint of on two occasions i allowed myself a little half pint.was totally worth it,the alcohol free stuff just isnt the same.
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    I'm not pregnant but work with children so I have attended meetings regarding Foetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS). I'm not saying that every person who drinks will have a baby born with FAS but it certainly was an eye opener when I heard the facts. At the end of the day it is personal choice and I'm not criticising people who do drink, but from the information I gathered, I don't think I would drink when pregnant.
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    I'm afraid i did have the odd glass of wine when i was pregnant with our first child, but could probably count the amount on my two hands, throughout the entire pregnancy. With my second child I had a really bad craving for cider (really really bad craving) and what made it worse is i can't stand apple based drinks after making myself ill on alcoholic apple based shots a few years back, but this craving was so bad i was drinking gallons (literally) of apple juice a week, it still didn't help with the cider thing though, so i would treat myself at the end of each week with a small glass of cider (probably not even half a pint) but i'm sure the amount of apple juice i was drinking it must of been fermenting inside of me anyways - lol! As soon as baby was born i went back to not being able to touch apple based drinks without heaving!

    I realise it is a serious argument in pregnancy, there can be problems and it is up to each individual. But a child can be born with serious problems anyhow, without the mother having done anything 'wrong'
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    I am 29 weeks gone and I gave up drinking last year in order to loose weight on a low carb diet and now I'm pregnant alcohol is all I crave...when I see someone with a pint of cider it takes all my strength to not go and grab the glass!!!

    during being pregnant I haven't drunk at all (even at my wedding when I was 16 weeks gone) but I guess its up to the individual...I just didn't want to take the risk with anything as this baby was unexpected (was told would never have kids) but a totally fantastic suprise!!!

    C xx

  • My SIL2B is pregnant at the moment, silly little girl really and she has been drinking and smoking constantly throughout her pregnancy and i bet she has a healthy baby. I feel sorry for the child!
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    As a midwife I can tell you that the guidelines are now to avoid ANY alcohol during pregnancy. I know most of us like to have a drink now and then, but really, its not forever, only for 9 months, so avoiding it wont kill you!

    I'm pregnant with my 3rd child now and really missing having a glass of wine with a meal now and then but I suppose its something to look forward to (along with a large helping of pate and french bread!)
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    I'm 7 weeks pregnant and known for just two weeks. Can honestly say that I've been surprised at how much I've really really missed a glass of red wine on both of the weekends I've known so far so I really really REALLY hope this gets easier!!

    Two close friends recently had babies, one had no alcohol until abuot 20 weeks and then had the odd glass of wine, about 1 a week, and the other had quite a lot more once the 12 week mark had gone by. I must admit, I thought the second friend was drinking a bit too much but both of them now have perfectly healthy 1 year olds.

    I want to give my baby the best possible start in life so if the advice is not to drink anything then I wont but its confusing with so many conflicting opinions.

  • A friend of our drank throughout her pregnancy wee glasses of wine here and there and she has a bit of a handful for a baby, not sleeping etc, etc, my sister is due to give birth in May and she hasnt touched a drop and it will b interesting if she has a good baby and whether that makes a difference or not? Also my SIL2B is expecting and shes just doing everything ur not supposed to basically! With all these babies im mega broody but shud i wait until wer married or just go for it? Decision decisions!!
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    Personally (i stress persnally as i dont want to offend anyone) I would say not to! During my pregnancy I stayed away from alcohol. I also stayed away from smokey conditions - kicked h2b out to have his fags lol, Watched that I ate properly got my omega 3 and folic acid. I know all of this wasnt advised in the 70's 80's and we all survived, however if (god forbid) anything went wrong, and I had been drinking Id blam myself even if the dr's said it wasnt my fault!! Im always thinking "what if".

    As it is I have a fantastic well natured little boy and i am soooo lucky! I also kept active throughout my pregnancy worked as long as i could (week 39 :\) ) and went for regular walks, which turned out to save my life, literally, as I had complications after the birth. All i would say is try to keep yourself as healthy as possible throughout pregnancy to keep you and baby safe!!

    I do understand things happen at no fault of anyone, I also understand that its a very personal choice. midwives are there to advise and guide.

    Take Care

    Kel xx
  • I would personally not drink, and i have stopped drinking now before i get pregnant (also to try and lose a little weight) and i am surprised at how much i don't want to drink at all! I quit the cigs last November and again am surprised at how much i don't miss all these naughty things... I miss stilton cheese though (i have cut that out to lose weight too) and it's heartbreaking walking past all the lovely blocks of stilton in the supermarket....

    Princess23, why does your SIL2B insist on risking her babys life? It's like Kerry Katona, she's been rather stupid of late drinking/smoking/reportedly snorting coke/having tattoos throughout pregnancy. Disgraceful.
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    OK, so I'm neither pregnant nor trying but I stumbled across this and thought I'd post an article from the January edition of student BMJ. It might be of interest to any of you wanting to read both a "yes" and "no" opinion from a medical perspective.

    For the record, the DoH and BMA guidelines have recently changed from advising women not to drink more than one or two units, once or twice a week during their pregnancy, to advising that they avoid alcohol completely. I won't comment on whether I agree or not but as a med student, this is what we're taught to tell pregnant women!

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    Hi, no sure if this has been mentioned or not, but if like me you may find that you cant stand the taste of alcohol when you get pregnant?

    In the later stages i had an occasional glass, which i think is fine.

    Drinking more, i think now is considered worse than smoking.
  • There is a lot of controversy on whether it is ok or not to drink whilst pregnant.

    Midwifes and other medical professionals advise not to drink at all the reason for this is because when they say it is ok, Mum's to be have gone overboard thinking it is ok to get drunk on the odd ocassion, meaning the results are far greater than they could imagine.

    It is ok to have the odd drink now again but definately not where you are tipsy every weekend.

    I did not drink at all with my first baby and she was a very difficult baby when she was born. She would wake every other hour to be fed and generally be very difficult to settle.

    I am 29 weeks pregnant with second baby and have had about 4 glasses of a tiny amount of wine with lots of lemonade, just simply for the taste.

    A few years ago, I went out with my friend and her work friends and one of them was 5 months pregnant and decided to drink heavily as she was fed up that her Husband was out drinking and her not. Long story short her baby boy was born and now has alot of problems, such as learning difficulties and devolpment problems.

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    Dont tell anyone, image But with my eldest,who is 24yrs old, i went mad on sherry.!!!

    Did have it with lemonade though. just a drop of lemonade though,used to love the smell of sherry too.

    Couldnt stand it once i had her.

    She was my biggest 7lb 13oz,and 2 days overdue.

    jayne.x :\)
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    Coco-you know the answer to this one so this is more for the other ladies! I suffered with horrendous sickness for almost all of my pregnancy and so the thought of alcohol was completely disgusting to me, for most of the time I couldn't have forced it down me if you paid me! However, in the last few weeks I was able to bear it and had a couple of glasses of wine, mainly rose really watered down with lemonade, simply for the taste! At that stage, I honestly don't believe it can do any harm in tiny amounts and my midwife certainly didn't have a problem with it! There are so many scare stories out there about all sorts of foods etc to avoid, it honestly makes me wonder how people have been having babies all these centuries! As long as you use some common sense you can't go far wrong, obviously making sure you avoid all the major ones that cause problems and take a midwife's advice!

    For the record, the alcohol I did have seems to have done no harm-I have a beautiful 9 day od son who is absolutely thriving and, touch wood, long may he continue to do so!

    Carly xxx
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    My French grandmother claims that she drank only champagne through each of her 6 (healthy) pregnancies!

    CarlyC - it's funny seeing you on this! Compared to my friends at school who are pregnant, you hardly drank at all. They regularly have a glass of wine and are adamant that it's ok.

    Guess I'll have to wait and see how I feel about it if/when I'm pregnant... xxx
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    so far ive stayed away from alcohol (im nearly 21w) but its my h2bs 30th next weekend and was thinking of having a small amount of wine when we all go out for dinner and were getting married in may and im planning to have, again a small, glass of champs for my toast, ive spoken to my midwife about this who said that such small amount are not likley to make a difference, also a women i work with drank through out her pregnancy and has a perfectly healthy 5month baby boy

    but i think if not for the wedding and h2bs b/day i wouldnt have any, image
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    I think that people should make their own informed choices and decide what risk they are prepared to take.

    Personally and for me, I feel as though if I cannot sacrifice alcohol for a few months than I would need to reconsider if I were really ready for the responsibility of a child. There are many things that I enjoy for my own pleasure that I happily gave up whilst pregnant and will again next time I have a child.

    Alcohol means a lot less to me than any glass of wine. You can also get so many fizzy fruity drinks and virgin cocktails that you can join in without risking your childs health.

    I am not a smoker and never have been but feel very strongly about that. I understand that if you are a smoker and you are addicted it isn't as simple as just never smoking again, I do appreciate that being addicted is harder than it may seem but (sorry if I sound snooty) I honestly think that if you can't give up fags then at least don;t do it in public. I honestly can't think of anything more un attractive than a woman with this wonderful gift of a child in her stomach with a fag in one hand and glass of booze in the other...i work at a comedy venue and there was a woman necking champers whilst heavily pregnant and everyone was staring in even asked me if they should stop her, lol!

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    ok, i feel a bit arse-y now but honestly don;t want to offend anyone...this has been my own personal view only & relate only to my own thoughts, veiws and experience. xx
  • oh! pinkbambi, did you catch the BBC3 programme on young brides. there was one in a limo after her wedding, aged 17, cig in one hand, class of alcohol in the other and twins in her belly. it just doesnt look right.
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    No i didn't! it's a real shame really. I think that the younger ones are just ignorant of the risks. Not all young girls but some are .
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