Just Found Out I am PREGNANT and im getting married in july!

hi everybody. im getting married 5th july and i have just found out i am pregnant with my first child. will i have a big bump by the wedding and if so..will i be able to fit it into my dress?image


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    Depends how far on you are now really?? do you know? when i had my first baby i was about 5-6 months pgs before you could notice. i think it depends on how the baby lies tho.

    Some are near the front and others are tucked at the back!!
  • I dont know but i have booked an appointment to see my doctor. I am quite slim, do you think this will make a difference on how big my bump is?
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    Oh my gosh.....congratulations!!

    You should try to organise as late a fitting as you can to accomodate. How pregnant are you ? If its only just then you might not be too big by then as its only 3 and half months away and some people dont show too much that early..

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    Oh wow, congratulations!! I assume it was a surprise?!! I'm so broody at the mo so very jealous...

    You won't have a big bump - although everyone's different. one of my friends hardly showed til 6 months, another was obvious from 3 months.

    Congrats again xx
  • thanx
  • The thing is..I have no idea how i am going to tell my fiance!! (Is that spelt right..i never knew how to spell it!)
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    Don't think it really matter whether your slim to start with or not but fingers crossed your not too far on and like the previous post its only a matter of months away you should be ok. You might just have to have your dress taken out a little bit? No one would of known i was pregs until 24weeks then all of a sudden i grew over night!!!

    Hopefully you'll be one of the lucky few who has a tiny lil bump til right at the end!! I'l be thinking of you.

    Good luck and congrats having a baby is one of the best things you can ever do i promise!!! Let us know how you get on xxxx
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    Oh my god, you haven't told him yet?! tell him!! Did you literally just find out?! You must be in shock - I know I would be!

    Were you planning on having kids straight after the wedding? If so, I'm sure he'll be happy that you've got a head start!

  • I found out earlier today. We hadn't talked about having children at all. how can i break the news to him?
  • I found out earlier today. We hadn't talked about having children at all. how can i break the news to him?
  • wooops! didnt mean to send that twice !
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    I would tell him asap if i were you, i found out on the morning and told h2b on the evening he was shocked to start with but was thrilled to bits soon after!! Tell your partner if only because he needs to know and this is something you both need to deal with. take a deep breath and just say it xxx
  • Thanks Hun. Well he is sat on the sofa opposite me so i guess he had the courage to propose to me, now is the best time to tell him. and he can think about it while he sleeps!
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    I'm sure he'll be thrilled, but it might take a while, especially if you haven't really talked about babies.

    How old are you, if you don't mind me asking?

    Please don't panic about telling your fiance - he is the man who wants to marry you, he will be happy I'm sure xx
  • Oh my god that was hard!!! He is silent at the moment but he has a smile on his face! i think that is a good sign
  • I'm 24 and he has just come running to me and gave me a big kiss but he still hasnt said anything!
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    Aw, I bet he's really happy. Congratulations to both of you. Keep us up to date with all your developments please! xxx
  • He said he is so pleased...and that he got the same feeling when he proposed
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    oh my god!! does he know you are telling us all as the story unfolds?!?!!

    cant believe you just did it and then carried on writing on here !!! lol

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    I'm sure he's doing little mini hand stands in his head!!!Thats the easy bit over with now...... once again good luck with everything, don't know if you have anyone whos had babies that you can talk to but if you ever need to you can email me? I'm getting to be quite good at child birth have a son, twin daughters and had another baby girl 9 months ago so if you need any advice feel free. [email protected]

    Well done you xxxx
  • He said he knows how i feel that i have to tell somebody. We are both crying at the minute.
  • I'm so excited now!
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    ahh congratulations. x

    Hopefully you wont have too much of a bump and you'll still be able to get into your dress. x
  • Thats what i''m scared of. Thankfully my h2b said he would marry me even if i was wearing a bin bag (which i Wouldn't!)
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    AWww, i'm so delighted for you both. I'm getting married in July too hoping to have a honeymoon baby but I know if we had a little surprise we would be thrilled aswell!!

    Best of luck

    Lisa xxx
  • Thanks. I'm very scared. I'm not sure which i'm more excited about...the wedding or the baby! Although i think my h2b had great things in mind for the honeymoon which i had better not go into to much detail!
  • Oh no! I have been getting all hyped up about the baby but what if its just a false alarm or i miscarry?
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    Hi, just read your post and wanted to say congratulations, I know exactly how you are probably feeling as i had an accidental baby 7 years ago, but i just wanted to tell you that she turned out to be the very best mistake i ever made ( and ive made a few) i cant even begin to imagine what life would be like without her ( and her wee brother who is just 13 wks old) and everyday they both give me something to smile about! so although your mind will now go into overdrive , just remember, every problem you think up, and you will, there is an answer to it that will just fall in to place and you cant begin to understand how much joy and meaning this baby will bring to your life... but you will!

    As or the will you be big question, well i hope you are one of the lucky ones... can only speak for myself, but im 5ft 1", and usually weigh 7 1/2 stone, i got big almost as soon as i found out i was pregnant and was definitely showing with both by 3 1/2 months but on the bright side i was still really skinny everywhere else and it was a neat and cute bump, so a good dressmaker should be able to make your dress work, and just think your wedding is going to be extra special now!! so will mine as we are having our baby christened during our ceremony ( just like madonna haha)

    Any way, all the very best to u both, relax, look after yourself and just try to enjoy this, its a gift! xx
  • Thanks hunny. Hope you have a great time with your christening and wedding:P xx
  • Baby! BABY BABY BABY BABY! is all thats on my mind. am i over-reacting?
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