My crap week.....

Was sent to hospital on Tuesday by my midwife as she thought my waters had broke (woke up Tuesday morning and felt as though i had wet myself) Spent 3 hours in hospital an after seeing many dr's and haveing 2 internal exams and swobs i was sent home. The swobs made me bleed, but they said dont worry should settle down. When i got bak to my car i had been issued wtith a £60 parking fine as i had gone over the maximum stay of 1 hour!!!!! Parking around my hospital is a nightmare and i had to just park where i could and pay the maximum fee which was for an hour????? Wednesday i was fine. Woke up Thursday morning and was loosing allot of blood, went back to hospital and was admitted - was discharged this afternoon and i'm so glad to be home. The bleeding has almost stopped and they have assured me it's coming from my cervix where i had a operation last year and not the baby. I'm only 24 weeks so couldnt risk having the baby now......

Feeling very down and restless, it's as though i'm waiting for something else to happen.........


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    Oh honey, I'm sorry things are so bad for you at the minute. Know what you mean about parking as well, it's the same at my local hospital. Sorry there's nothing I can do, but hope things get better and am sending you big virtual hugs.

    Carly xxx
  • Aww no advice but sending well wishes. Try not to think that anything else will happen, be reassured that the doc said your bleeding is from your cervix and bubba is still ok. x
  • Thanks girls, for your replies. I am just trying to stay calm as i know it wont do the baby any good to get stressed. Good excuse to get my hubby waiting on me hand and foot i suppose
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    I hope things improve for you hun (Thinking of you)

    I would send the ticket back with a letter telling them it was a hospital emergency - it can be confirmed by the hospital - its worth a try

    Good luck
  • Thanks TToni. I have wrote to the council to see if they will revoke the ticket i will let you know what they say. I think we might have to get a taxi when i go into labour!!!!

    Been to the midwife today she says all seems ok with the baby which is a relief. Ive still got low blood pressure so got to take it easy xx
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