ADVICE mayb pregie

NOw I have been ttc for 6 months now & for the last 3 days my body signs seem abit stranger than before. NOT done test yet as this morning only had a little weeee!!!!

I looked in the mirror & my nostrils look tight & sunken in, now when my sister was pregnant one of her friends said that was a sign of her been pregnant. She did test & now has a baby boy nearly 2yrs old.

I had a spot on my cheek last night, thinking tha t this might be due on cycle month, still got sore boobs, put not as painful & sore as last 2months cycle. But I can't stop looking in the mirror at my nose. Has anyone heard of this that they can confirm to me that when they have found out that they are pregnant the nose kind of sinks in!!!! (one confirmation is my sister).

I dont want to do the test too soon though incase it's just my cycle till another wk as for the past 2 cycles It's been exactly 7wks 2 days till I am on period. NOw today is the 6 wks mark, so fingers crossed I could be pregnant.

Sorry to be long, but I don't want to feel disappointed again, cos both my hubby & I really want children. I am 30 & hes 40 so its time that we have children.


  • I have never heard of the nostril thing but maybe if you wait another week and then do a test?

    I will have to look that up it's intrigued me!
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