I'm being a bit thick but.....

Is there a easier way to chart when im ovulating, like 10days from the first day of you last period or something like that?????

My periods are all over the place, one minute i have a 28 day cycle and the next month a 48 day cycle (I have pcos). Its costing me a fortune in preggy test and ovulation kits (which arent really working)

Any help would be greatly appreicated.


  • Hiya

    I have PCOS too. Dont know if this helps, but I can tell when I'm ovulating by physical symptoms and the way I feel. Its not something that you would generally notice unless you really think about it. (think I'm sounding a bit strange here!) I get a dull period type ache in my tummy and feel my emotions flaring up, I get a bit snappy sometimes and sometimes have a hot flush. I have 2 children and fell pregnant within 2 months of trying (we were at it like rabbits though!!)

    Dont think I've helped much, sorry.

    good luck

    x x x
  • ariel_vampariel_vamp Posts: 2,415
    Sounds icky but a lot of ppl get a discharge when they are ovulating- keep an eye out for it xx
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    I have heard that too, apparently a lot of women chart ovulation by discharge and if it is thin and watery (like egg white) then it is baby making time!

    Sorry if that is TMI!!

    Good luck

  • Hi

    I have PCOS too and really appreciate the huge amounts of PG tests and Ov prediction sticks it requires

    I got at least 3 months worth (and I test a lot) of the ov predicition test some early PG tests (five) and a digital thermometer (will explain) for around 20 english pounds.

    The tests are just dipsticks not very high tec looking like the clearblue tests for example. But used both brands at the same time and got the same result for OV prediction (hooray means one potentially fertile month)

    This website http://www.fertilityfriend.com is free and really helped me as it gives daily course on charting fertility by email,

    It predicts fertility by looking at cervical mucus (as mentioned above) ov prediction sticks and basal body temperature - which you take on waking each morning - hence the thermometer.

    I think it could be very good for PCOS as you might be able to pinpoint fertile cycle patterns? It stores all your data too for each cycle and analyses patterns

    Hope this helps good luck
  • oof should have said I hardly ever get positive ov prediction tests and the website I used to buy sticks etc was http://www.accessdiagnostics.co.uk/

  • Hey mrspb2b - I would also recommend the ov sticks (and pg sticks for that matter) from Access Diagnostic. Very cheap (think I paid baout £7 for 25) but (for me) definitely functional. I've only used them for 3 months but I got a +ive on the ov sticks on day 13/14 of my cycles every month. This morning I got a +ive on one of the pg sticks too, only 11 days post ovulation (average to early as pg tests go) from what I can calculate image
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