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advice please!!

hey ladies,

i came off the pill over 8 weeks ago, havent yet had a period. havent got any symptoms of getting my period any time soon, but i am having others! have got REALLY sore boobs, i never get this before my period, and also i have a weird feeling in my lower tummy. its hard to describe! i have taken a pregnancy test, but this has come back negative. h2b and i havent been using contraception, we will be over the moon if i am pregnant!! do u think i could be even though the test was negative? or will the pill still be having an effect?

any advice gratefully received!!



  • hi it took me 8 weeks to get a period after stopping pill to but it did turn up. if i were you i would wait a week and if you still dont hva e period do another test first thing in the morning. if its neg i would pop to the docs and see what she/he says.mine took unrine sample and sent it off for which i assume was for a pregnancy test.

    good luck x
  • Tracey2386Tracey2386 Posts: 251
    Hi There,

    When you come off the pill, your advised to use contraception until you have a period for this reason - that you're not aware if the pill has left your body yet.

    Saying that, ALL my pregnancy tests came back negative, every type and brand. Don't waste money on them and go to your doctors.

    My little one is 11 weeks old now.

    Good luck huni hope you get the result! Keep my fingers crossed for you x
  • Hiya

    Just wanted to say that when I conceived my second bouncing baby I came off the pill mid cycle and had a small bleed straight away. I didnt have a period after that I fell pregnant straight away. Although, the test I did showed up positive 2 days before my period was due. I honestly didnt expect to fall straight away like that. Good luck and try to enjoy every minute of your pregnancy (if you are that is!) x x x
  • rosiefieldrosiefield Posts: 668
    thanks for your replies ladies! I will wait another few days then test again if nothing turns up! now im seriously thinking about it, im soooo hoping i am pregnant! even though we werent using contraception i never really considered it before (silly I know!)

    today i feel like ive pulled a muscle in my stomach, i cant have as have had the laziest weekend, so my mind is in over drive trying to work out what that means!!

  • MrsSP73MrsSP73 Posts: 353
    Hi Tom's girl,

    sounds a bit familiar to me... i came off the pill at christmas and although i did have a period after about 5 weeks, about the time I was expecting period number 2, I felt the same sort of symptoms as you, really sore boobs, dead strange feelings in my stomach etc. I wasnt sure if it was just because I'd been on the pill for while and I wasnt used to the way normal periods make you feel or if it was because I was pregnant... so did one test on a friday whch was negative, then did another the following wednesday and it was positive! Am now 8 weeks pregnant!

    So, only basing it on my very limited experience but you may well be pregnant even though you've had a negative test.

    Lots of luck doing your next test!! Keep us informed!

  • rosiefieldrosiefield Posts: 668
    hey FMrsSp, thank you for your story! i still havent done another its been a week today since i did the last one. bcos i have been on the pill for so long i cant really remember what my cycles were like before or what i should be expecting (i know they werent this long!!). still no sign of my period, but other than that i think because im hyper aware of every twinge, im probably just feeling normal!

    did you feel really tired soon after you conceived, before you got the positive result?

    hope all is going well for you & you really enjoy your pregnancy!!

  • tipperltipperl Posts: 29
    Hi Tom's Girl, I am in the exact same boat. Came off the pill just after Christmas and had my break period. Being an impatient so and so, we jumped straight into baby making without waiting for my first proper period. Since then I have not had a period, but have tested negative 3 times. The last test being mid-March. I have spoken to a nurse at my GP surgery who said it could take up to 4 months for your cycle to return and suggested a GP appointment for a blood test at the end of April if I still haven't had a period or tested positive.

    In heinsight I wished i had waited for my cycle to get back to normal because this limbo state of not having a period but testing negative is horrible. Like you I have had stomach cramps as if I should have my period but knowing, I don't know whether to read into that or not. Other than that I have had no symptoms. I'm going to wait another week and do another test.

    Sorry I can't help with any answers, but hope that knowing that someone else is in the same boat helps.
  • MrsSP73MrsSP73 Posts: 353
    Hiya, I was feeling symptoms between the friday when i did the negative test and the wednesday when I did the positive one, mainly crampy period style pains but slightly different. The only way I can describe it is to say that I could sort of feel pains on either side which to me felt like my ovaries were really aching but then again I'm rubbish at human biology (!!) and the midwife told me it was probably something to do with my ligaments moving around.

    I was also SOOOO tired, and have been on and off for the past month, I've never ever felt tiredness like it, completely exhausting but a great reason (excuse!) to sit on your bum and watch telly.

    Lou, I think you're right about it being really hard not knowing, and for the time I was in the same boat, not knowing when to expect a period or when to do a test.... I found it quite stressful, even down to simple things like should you be drinking anything if there is a chance you're pregnant. But you dont want to put your life totally on hold just in case so I suppose its just a case of carrying on as normal as possible.

    Lots and lots of luck to both of you and hope you get the outcome you want as soon as poss... xxx

  • rosiefieldrosiefield Posts: 668
    hey Lou, thank you, it is nice to know someone else in in the same boat, as horrible as it is for both of us! I know what you mean about wishing id been more careful about using contraception. we hadnt even really thought about ttc in a real way, but now its a possibility we're both really excited! I havent tested again yet, but h2b is off in the morning, so i think we'll try again then.

    what did your nurse say to do about testing? to continue or to leave it??

    im just about to meet some friends at the pub, so i know what you mean FMrsSp, do i drink or not....... maybe one glass wont hurt, but even then i dont want to feel guilty!!


  • tipperltipperl Posts: 29
    The nurse didn't advised about continuing to test but I'm going to carry on until a. I get a positive test, b. Have my period, c. See the Dr at the end of April and have a blood test to check my hormone levels. She just reassured me that it can take up to 6 months for your cycle to return to normal and that you can still be ovulating even without a period.

    I'm not a big drinker on a regular basis but have had one or two heavy nights in the last 3 months, hopefully it won't have done any harm if I am. It's all very confusing, I keep reading into all the tweaks, twinges and bloatedness I have in my abdominal and back area and thinking 'Is that a sign?' It doesn't help that I go to the gym regularly and do hundreds of sit ups at a time so my muscle aches could be as a result of that!

    So limbo-land here we stay for the time being. I hope you get the result you want and soon.
  • mummyk100mummyk100 Posts: 35
    Hi, I did wait and got my first proper period after the pill but its the second one that is causing me problems! Don't men get it easy!
  • tipperltipperl Posts: 29
    Hi Katz100, Just read your post in the 9 days late thread. Hope all is OK with you. Men do get it easy for a time but then they have to deal with raging hormones when we are pregnant.

    Here's a funny story and maybe another sign of flucuating hormones. I threw a paddy in Asda's veg section last night because they didn't have the salad bags or the bag of mixed peppers that I wanted. Hubby actually remarked 'What's got into you' hahahaha.
  • rosiefieldrosiefield Posts: 668
    ol, i can just picture that scene, Lou! I did another test this morning, still decidedly negative. i have spoken to my GP and he says there is nothing to do, but wait and see!!

    sorry if this is prying too far, Lou, but are you and hubby continuing to have unprotected sex? we want to, but dont want to confuse things further!

  • tipperltipperl Posts: 29
    It can prove to be very stressful and expensive, can't it, all this testing. GP's are helpful aren't they?!?

    Yes we are still TTC I'm not waiting around for my period to show up.
  • rosiefieldrosiefield Posts: 668
    my gp was useless!! ive just bought 10 more tests online, loads less expensive than having to keep stocking up in boots!!!
  • rosiefieldrosiefield Posts: 668
    took another test this morning, still negative image xx
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