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I bet there is looooads of women that would love to know the facts n wives tails of whats best for a better chance of concievin!!!Well...I'm one of them image Hi! Any1 who has any ideas/vitamins/positions/timing etc.....please post them here image One multivitamin I'v heard about recently is Sanotagen ProNatal His & Hers....which is about £10 for a months supply for both yourself & H2B/Hubby....not sure if it works but its worth a try i spose image Any1 els have any other ideas? image


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    apparently you should have sex at least every 2 to 3 days to maximise chances. Sperm can live for a couple of days but egg is only good for one so if the sperm is there waiting its more likely than trying to just get the right day as everyones cycle is different.

    Also keeping an eye on cervical secretions will help you know when you are most fertile and you should have even more sex at this time. Clear stretchy discharge is a sign of ovulation.

    Sorry if this is a bit graphic!! Ive been reading up on this alot lately!!!!
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    Its an interesting fact that certain couples can be better matched than others. For instance h2b and I so well matched we don't even have to have proper sex and i'm pg!!

    All 5 babies have been conceived in first month of trying (and the latest one wasn't planned).

    I have known a couple that were trying for over a year. After they split, both had new babies within 6 months of meeting new partners!

    I truly believe there is an element of compatibility.
  • I too am one of these people, anything to stop me worrying! I'm so worried I wont be able to have kids but there is no reason to worry! I have activley tried NOT to get pregnant, and so far succeeded. But u hear of so many "accidental" babies and wonder y that hasnt happened to me when there have been a few "incidents" I hope h2b and I are compatible I will defo be doing my research after the wedding! x
  • LG i have been saying the same thing for ages! I'm seriously worried that because i haven't had an accident or slipped up over the years when i know sooo many people on the pill that have got pregnant, there's something wrong with me! Especially as i am absolutely rubbish at remembering to take the pill!

    Good luck for after the wedding!
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    I used to think like some of you guys after having lots of "accidents" and not getting pregnant for years worried that I couldn't have kids. Then when we did start trying it took a year, then 2nd time round it was definitely an "accidental baby" like you lisalou - we didn't even have proper sex! Do you really have 5 kids?!

    I think loads of things play a part but at the end of the day it's down to timing.

    Can't wait to try for number 3 - in wedlock for a change eh!
  • LOL wish i was one of the lucky few to have accidents image me n my h2b have been trying for 16months now, only problem is....he's in the army & lives in germany...he's been comin home a week before my AF & obviously thats not workin but we hadnt planned when he came home....we'r now tryna sort out that he comes home for a week when i'm most fertile n ovulatin 14days before my AF arrives...hopefulli this will work image
  • Hiya MrsHall2B,

    I have a recipe but I can't post it here..its too long! I have it as a file so you will have to email me, I was ttc for 2 years and finally had my son naturally conceived who will be 2 tomorrow when I was nearly 48 need I say more? image I will be 50 in July and getting married September this year image

    June x (june058=born 1958) email address [email protected]
  • Happy 2nd B'day To June's Son image x
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    June could you please send it to me?? Have endo so dont want to mess around ttc longer than I have to!!!:\) SOOO broody!!

    [email protected]
  • Please can you post it to me too please???? [email protected]
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    And me please - you never know how long these things are gonna take. [email protected]
  • Could I please too? Thank you so much!!!

    [email protected]

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    Me too! Please [email protected]
  • Wow!! June, your gonna be busy image
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    can u send it to me 2 please? [email protected] thanx! image
  • LOL everytime i see a new messag on ere, i think sum1 has a new, proven idea for women TTC but instead i get e-mails imageDoes any1 have any other TTC tips?? image
  • not sure if this is regarded as a tip but I am finding this really helpful

    The basic programme is free and they send you email lessons on how to chart accurately. I think someone said there hubbie was in the army. Once it has established enough info on your cycles it charts fertile days for the rest of the year so you can plan to be at home together.

    I hardly ever ovulate and realised it was imminent and changed our Easter holiday plans a little.

    I am charting temperature using loads of OV prediction sticks and looking at CM.

    I think it is really helpful for predicition ovulation through three different signs to be sure.

    It made me realise how small the window to get PG every month is... and if and when I do ov it is totally different day to the one I would have predicted and might have been missing the opportunity.

    Hope this helps and fingers crossed for everyone
  • I am busy! LOL

    I just wanted to add, although the ov window is small sperm lives a longer time, so you could get pregnant either side of the ovulation time. :\)

    June x
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    please can you send it to me too!!

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