Has anyone just started the progress for IVF?


  • bellaukbellauk Posts: 357

    My hubby and I have just started (well about 2 weeks ago). Having injections in my stomach once a day. It's not too bad. Got an appointment to return to the hospital next wednesday for a baseline scan. Then I need to have 2 injections per day.

    Our consultant advised us that we would be going with ICTISI (I think that's how it is spelt) and not IVF.

    Are you about to start or are you considering?

  • jo_creejo_cree Posts: 42
    We have just started the progess. Hubby left in a sample so waiting on the results of that. We have been trying for ever a year and a half now. Hubby had testicular cancer 7 years but nothing. Every month I kept thinking I was but how wrong was I!!

    We were told that we would be having ICTISI as well. So will have to wait and see. Fingers crossed that it works for both of us and everyone else having to go down that route!!

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