Ovulation tests; anyone used them???

Hi, Hubby got us a pack, anyone used them with any success?? I suppose at least it proved I am ovulating, actually very early in cycle (day 12 of 30+ cycle) Hoping this might give us some better luck, or am I just wasting money??? All views, ideas etc welcome. PS any brand advice, which ones are good, work out cheaper?? this whole peeing on sticks thing costs a fortune.


  • Hi Mrs B, i used ovulation sticks and got caught more or less straight away. I too was surprised at how soon in my cycle i actually ovulated, i was about day 10. They are so expensive you are right i bought them in bulk from www.accessdiagnostics.co.uk along with several pregnancy tests, they worked ok for me. Good luck, sending lots of baby dust your way xxxxx
  • Hi i haven't used them yet, but i bought bulk from a shop called fertilityplan on ebay along with 5 pregnancy tests.

    I get confused with them, and i can't remember what my cycle was like prior to the pill i've been on it so long!

    Good luck with them, i've heard good reviews from everyone that's used them.
  • I used these for 3 months and have just found out I'm pg. Like SVB I ordered mine from Access Diagnostic online (about £7 for 25) and found them to work perfectly well. A +ive was always obvious (though sometimes the second line was darker than the control and sometimes it was only the same strength - but the instructions say this still counts as a +ive).

    Definitely don't think they're a waste of money, especially if like us you're not naturally inclined to be at it like rabbits all the time, so know when to save your energy for!

    Something interesting - last cycle I got five very strong +ives on them in a week and thought that they must be dodgy, but just a few days ago I discovered I'm pregnant. I'd read that ov sticks can sometimes show positive when you fall pg, and now I know it's true!
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