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Vasectomy Reversal?!

Just wondering if anyone out there is going through there h2b having a vasectomy reversal? My h2b and I already have 5 kids between us my 3 and and his 2 but we would love a baby of our i know we must be mad but its something we both want!! Just wanting to know if the op works how long it takes to work and any other advice please he has already been to docs for a referal letter he had vasectomy done about 3 years ago so doc said should work!!!

Good luck to you all!!


  • lush224lush224 Posts: 562 New bride
    Hi there my friend had a vasectomy reversal which worked. The success rate is 80% if the vasectomy is reversed within 5 years of the original vasectomy being done. So the odds are in your favour for it to work!!

    The doctor normally checks the ejaculation sample for sperm three months after the reversal to see if it has worked. I don't know whether it would be possible to get preg before that though!

    He'll need to avoid strenous exercise and lifting for about 4 weeks after as well. He'll feel really sore for a few days as well as my friend was and he had to have a general for the op as well.

    Good luck with it all x
  • pindy27pindy27 Posts: 599
    Oh thats great thank you!! Its good to hear that it does actually work!! x
  • Hi my friends partner has just had this done after 2 years of the orginal op and like the dr's said the sooner it's done the better the chance of it working. They just have to wait for his sample to be checked to see if it's atually worked, but the clinic where he had it done seemed pretty optimistic. Good luck xxxxx
  • pindy27pindy27 Posts: 599
    Thank you, we really are keeping our fingers crossed when he does have the op!! xx
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