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ovulation stick confusion

Hi there - was after some advice on these darn sticks!

Last month I tried Boots (unsuccessful - but think that was due to me, not knowing correct cycle length etc). This month superdrug had a 2 for 1 offer on, so I bought 2 packets. I know now I have a 33 day cycle - according to Boots I should then test day 16 but the superdrug ones said day 12?! 4 days difference seemed a lot - so wondered if the kits themselves were different?

Anyway as I had 2 for one I started testing day 12. On day 15 I had a mmm not sure could be positive, tested again day 16 and both lines definately the same intensity - so took that as a positive (and it looked like the guide positive on the packet). However, and this is my puzzle - just out of curiosity I repeated the test on day 18 and this was screamingly positive (test one very red, and control line faint red in comaprison). So was this the real positive or was day 15 +ve about to ovulate and day 18 I was ovulating? Mmm? If it was the latter - then it'll be a case of better luck next month, as hubby did back in at cricket day 17 LOL!

Just wondered if anyone else had tested after a positive - and what the darker one means (the boots kit says this can happen and both = positive, but superdrug one didn't mention this option). How can peeing on a stick cause so much confussion!


  • Don't know if you've heard of but you can buy ov sticks in bulk from there at about £7 for 25. I got the cheapies because like you I didn't know when to start peeing on them, and at that price it didn't matter!

    I'd imagine from what you say you ov'd on day 18, and that the LH surge was building from day 15. If you had sex on day 15 and/ or 16 I'd still say you were in with a chance, though - the swimmers can live for quite a while in the right conditions.

    Don't mean to get your hopes up but maybe this is good news for you, though - I had several +ives in the week after my initial day 14 +ive, and it turns out I was pregnant.
  • Yes LOL I just read your email on the other ovulation topic - and went and pee'd on a stick (was worth a try even though this is now day 26!!). But I did laugh at myself for doing it! Well if we aren't preggers, will just remember to keep on 'practicing' next month a few days after the +veimage

    Congrats to you though - has it sunk in yet?
  • The first day I got my ov sticks through the post I got a +ive (happened to be day 14 of my cycle) and had hubby peeing on one to check they were working properly! Not sure who was more relieved to discover he didn't get a second line at all, me or him!

    No, it hasn't sunk in at all. I still can't believe I'm typing this as a pregnant woman! I have no symptoms whatsoever, but I peed again this morning and the second line was a lot darker than on Sunday (when I first tested) so it must be true....
  • Just found these websites (below) and looks like your right a Positive can be a sign of pregnancy. But not always. The first +ve is the one to base it on, as its often common to get 2 days and sometimes 3 days +ve with ovulation sticks. But I guess most people probably stop at the first +ve, and don't see it. But heck I'm just a big kid with new toys, so am finding the research fun.

    Do you keep smiling to yourself? Blimey I was excited with a +ve ovulation result, I'll pass out with a +ve preggers test LOL xx Thanks for replying to my post, really helpful
  • Love the peeonastick website - all those images of two lines kept me going before I got my own positive!

    I know what you mean about being excited at a +ive ov stick - I was so proud of myself whenever I produced one! The +ive pg test was just in a whole league of its own, I couldn't stop looking at it (who am I kidding - I've done 5, and I don't want to throw any of them away!)

    Whilst I AM excited and I DO keep smiling to myself, unfortunately the worry that something will go wrong is prevailing at the moment because it's soooo early. I'm almost trying not to think about it. It's a bit sad actually - I thought we'd both be deliriously happy but we're actually on eggshells, just holding our breaths for that 12 week mark.
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