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24 weeks pregnant and feeling soooo down.....

Hey, im 24 weeks pregnant with baby no2 and feeling so down because i seem to be getting bigger by the second. im still in my ordinary jeans and tops but i feel enormous, probably my hormones raging, but with my first i wasnt very big and i think now i have the fear of ending up enormous!!!! help me see sense mummys to be!! xx


  • _hmmmmmm__hmmmmmm_ Posts: 734
    wow - still in your normal tops and jeans?!? I had to forget about wearing jeans from about 8 weeks on with my 2nd! - and i was huge - obviously pregnant at 12 weeks and being asked how long left to go at 24 weeks as everyone thought I was imminent! On a serious note though, you probably see yourself differently to how everyone else sees you, and the hormones probably aren't helping. I think it's usual to be bigger 2nd time around as the stomach muscles aren't quite what they used to be so everything 'gives' a bit easier, but i don't think you'll get too 'huge' if you're still in normal clothes at 24 weeks. My 2nd child was also a different sex to the first and right from the word go I felt huge, which mum put down to it being a boy straight away, as she always felt like that with my brothers!
  • Hey vickyo. I'm not sure this is the sort of consolation you're after, but I can't WAIT to be huge and am so envious of you right now. I've only just found out I'm pregnant and am terrified that something will go wrong. I can't wait until I reach those 12 and 20 week marks so that I can begin to relax.

    I also don't like the idea that before I show properly people will look at me & just think I'm getting a bit porky! I really and truly do want to have an enormous bump. A neat, prominent one would be nice but a whopper is just fine by me!

    So come on - stick out that huge baby bump with pride! (PS I'm sure you're not as huge as you fear you are, anyway :\) )

  • Hi Vickyo, I'm 24 weeks pregnant and havent been in my normal jeans since about 18 weeks. So i'm jelous of you! I have got a big bump now and it's my first. Try to remember that most important thing and that is your carrying a little miracle inside you and even if you do get big (which i'm sure your not) then who cares, because as long as the baby is healthy that's all that matters and you can concentrate on getting your figure back after the birth. Why dont you try keeping a "yummy mummy" money box??? Keep popping a few pounds in every week until the birth and then take a friend and go and have a day of pampering and your hair done after the birth - i know that always makes me feel better. Big Hugs xxxxxx
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    aw thanks. i was having a hormonal 5 mins earlier!! sorry. im super excited about having the baby, but i think ive forgotten the first time round so i feel like im going to be huge by the end!! oh well. i will stick my bump out with pride. what are your due dates? im hoping this one will be early (my first was 2 days early). any plans for home births or anything? names yet? i love talking about babies.... x
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    hi vicky!

    i remember having a big argument with midwife as i ended up with a bigger tummy after my c-sec than i did 42 weeks preggers!! seriously!! I went into the hospital wearing normal jeans, had section and then i couldnt fasten my jeans when i left the hospital!!!

    you see jamie was high up, he didnt fill out on my waist band it was how he was laid back to back and high up (hence emergency section) so my bump was high!! after the section i had quite a bit of swelling and other parts had dropped!! not good!!

    im sure its just how lo is laid (plus it is your 2nd so your uterus is more will in expand)

    you have the right idea, pat your bump with pride!! i was devastated that i didnt need maternity trousers (any excuse to go clothes shopping)

    congratulations on your bump!!


    p.s. just read how your 1st was 2 days early!! lucky you jamie made me wait 2 weeks after dues date then they had to haul him out lol lazy boy he he he!!

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  • I'm 14 weeks and chance of fitting in my pre-pregnancy jeans...ZERO!!!
  • Hi Vickyo, i'm due on the 13th July although i think i'm a few week further on than that. I reckon the baby will come end of June / 1st week in July. Do you know what sex the baby is? We wanted to find out but the little sod had it's legs crossed when we went for the scan. I reckon it's a girl. I like Lola & Naimh (Neve) for girls and Luca & Callum for boys. When are your due? I'm off our for a meal tonight best get looking for something to wear!!! xxxx
  • daisybride123daisybride123 Posts: 2,066
    The only problem i have is i am really reluctant to buy some maternity jeans for just 3 months!! seems a waste of money, last time i borrowed them from a friend. im having another boy and we're pretty stuck for names. my first is called harry joseph, and we want the second to have the same initials. we had heidi jane all sorted for a girl then i was told im having a boy so i have no idea!! i change my mind everyday!

    Kellyanne1981 i bet you had reached the end of your tether by 42 weeks i know i would have. i struggle to put my boots on at the moment, and all H2b can do is laugh at me. it amazes me how it destroys your stomach muscles.

    i was petrified when i first thought i was pregnant i spent forever crying because my first is only 18 months old and i didnt think i could love another baby as much as i love him (if that makes sense) and then the whole fear about giving birth kicked in..........but when i went for my scan the other week i suddenly felt super excited about the thought of being in the delivery room.......... the few moments that YOU are centre of attention ....i love it haha. just must remember to take my own pillow this time!!

    How are all the bumps today?

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