I have 2 children and not expecting anymore but was remembering the cravings I used to get when pregnant. I had really bad sickness that used to last all day, with my first. but then at 7pmish I used to crave Whoppers from Burger King (and I hate Burger King, it repeats on me). With my second I had a thing for Weetabix and Poptarts!

take care C xxxxx :\)


  • lisall80lisall80 Posts: 628
    I've never been pregnant but I crave burgers around 7 pm too (along with chocolate, crisps, and anything unhealthy!!!!)image
  • piper06ukpiper06uk Posts: 807
    when i was pregnant i had three cravings at different stages, the earliest one being tangerines, i could eat a whole punnet and still want more my nails were orange for about a month!!!

    In the middle i had a thing for shortbread, i went to a ladies night and in the raffle i won a huge box of M&S shortbead, i gave it away cause i knew i would have scoffed the lot.

    And Finally for the last month of being preggers I craved fish and chips from the chippie with salt loads, vinegar and curry sauce!!!
  • kellyanne1981kellyanne1981 Posts: 3,441
    baked beans, chicken and mouth wash!!

    the mouthwash was the strongest craving of them all!!!!
  • daisybride123daisybride123 Posts: 2,066
    only cola for me!! and sweet things like fruit........ with this pregnancy i cant stand the thought of vegetables, i feel like a 5 yr old pushing them to the side of my plate! x
  • Tracey2386Tracey2386 Posts: 251
    Ice cubes! Even in labour I was given ice chips LOL

  • Talcum powder. I ate 2 bottles of Johnsons on each of my pregnancies! I would suck it through the holes all day,I looked like a junkie with talc all over my nose!! Can't stand the thought of it now,but at the time I literally COULDN'T go a day without it!!
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