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I was wondering what you get when you have staturtaory (sp) maternity pay? does anyone know.

Also when I return to work, I understand that they have to offer you your old job back, but what if your old job couldnt be done with young kids. Basically my job involves me staying away from home for a few nights each week, would my employer be required to find me alternative employment at the same salary? or would i have to take a pay cut?


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    didnt want to read and run, things have changed since i had jamie (17 months old now) - what i would advise you to do is go to citizens advice. they can advise you. Also dont forget your risk assessments at work!!

    take care

    kel xx
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    Hi There

    In my opinion....Basically Maternity pay is there to feed your dog (I always say) LOL


    I'm on maternity leave at the moment. You receive 90% of your pay for the first 6 weeks, then your pay drops down to £108.85 (think I receive £112 for some reason) either way... its not much at all and very much a struggle.

    Bearing in mind though that you do receive Child Benefit and Tax Credits / Working Tax Credits. Although if your partner works - the Tax Credits will also not even be worth mentioning!!! But Child Benefit is there to help with your Childs nappies, food etc.... and it does help!

    With regards to your employment, your specific terms should be outlined to you by your HR department once they have confirmation of your pregnancy when you get a MATB1 form at your 20 week scan.

    You have the right to return to work in your normal job - or a similar position and you also have the right to ask for flexible working hours. BY LAW, your company have to provide you with your hours unless they can provide a suitable explanation as to why (i.e... you want to work till 1.pm when your clients are only available at 2pm etc)

    At your first appointment with the midwife now, you get an NHS pregnancy book which outlines EVERYTHING you need to know about pregnancy and your entitlements.

    Hope this has helped you, if not i'll read my book and dig some info out for you.

    My little one is 10 weeks old now and as long as she is fed, clothed and happy then i'll happily starve on Maternity Pay but in my opinion, government benefits really don't go to the people who need them the most! But never mind...

    Take care xx

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    thanks tracey, that info helps, my dilemma at the moment is that i currently work for a large company that have 'maternity benefits' but apparently they dont kick in until you have done two years service, h2b and i get married in sept, and to be honest wanted to start trying as soon as possible. so their benefits - whatever they are (again, dont want to ask really as they might start moving my workload) wont kick in (if we manage to conceive).

    anyways, i have been offered my old job back, which is with a small company and they just offer statatory maternity pay, which i think is what you have mentioned.

    i am really confused as to whether to stick out my current job for another year or so, or go back to my old one. they are both the same roles- i.e. working away from home 2/3 nights a week, so unsure what i would be able to do when i return.......confused or what!!!!????
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    thanks kellyanne, may pop in to citizens advice.
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    as Tracey said, everyone is entitled to SMP if you have worked for your employer going into the 15th week before EWC, so this they have to offer you before any enhanced maternity benefits.

    The CAB are not legally qualified to give you advice, so can I suggest ACAS as well? There was a possibility I was going to be made redundnat whilst on maternity leave and they were v v vhelpful. you don't need to be in a union, they help anyone with employment law and the lady I spoke to was lovely.

    From what I understand, they have to offer you your job on no less favourable terms than your current position. you can request flexible working time, but they can say no to this, but then they leave themselves open to a tribunal.

    Hope this helps

    C xx

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    my partner worked shifts before we had our first child, and the government had brough in something which entitles you to working hours arround your children untill they turn 6 or 18 if they are disabled. he chose to ask for a permanant 6-2 shift and he has been doing that for 4 years now. it gets reveiwed every so often but they still can see no reason as to why they can refuse. look into this. hope ive helped
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