Has any one tried to conceive after an abnormal smear test?

Hi All,

I already have one baby but was hoping to start trying for the second after my wedding in May. I just got my smear results back and there are slight changes and have been adviced to return in 6 months for another test. I've heard that having recently had a baby can affect the result and most women have a normal result the next time. Do I wait for the next test (even though I wanted a small age gap) on just continue TTC? Any experiences would be greatly appreciated. x


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    Hi Lisa G,

    I had an abnormal result back in November and have been told to wait until May to have another test. It is more than likely nothing to worry about, but I've decided to put TTC on hold until I get the all clear. I feel that this is best for me, because I want to make sure that I am completely healthy first. Hope everything works out for you x
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    Thanks for your reply peachylou, you sound like you are doing the sensible thing. Were you told to wait by the GP? I know I should prob do the same but I know I'll kick myself if the next test is fine and I've wasted 6 months.
  • Hi Lisa G, i has serveral abonormal smears during 2006/2007. They kept coming back with slight/mild changes. I eventually had cold coagulation treatment which is suppose to burn the cells away in Oct 2006. I had my smear repeated in April 07 and it came back with slight changes again. So i went back in October 2007 to have a Colcosopy (where they take a tiny bit of your cervix away for testing) I told them we had been trying to concieve sine our wedding in August and they said to wait until i had my results. Little did i know i was about 3 weeks pregnant!!!! My results came back from the Colcoscopy with mild changes again but they said to get on with trying to concieve and go back for a smear in 6 months. I am now 25 weeks pregnant and have an appointment 3 months post natal to go and have my smear repeated. I have had some issues with bleeding recently during my pregnancy and they said it is probably the weak area in my cervix where i had the cold colagulation treatment. Not sure if my story helps you at all. I would speak to your GP for a medical answer, but if you only had slight changes i would probably get on with trying and them have your smear post natal. When i rung the hospital to tell them i was pregnant they said most of the time slight changes go back to normal during pregnancy anyway. Hope this helps xxxxx
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    Thanks SVB and congratulations on you pregnancy! It sounds like you have had a tough few years. It's a worry isn't it? I must ask, what was the colposcopy and biopsy like? The very thought of it makes me go wobbly! I gave birth at home with little pain relief, but the thought of someone tearing off a piece of my cervix makes me want to cry!

    Best of luck with the rest of your pregnancy and hope you get the all clear for your next test. x x
  • If you gave birth at home with little pain relief then the colposcopy would be a walk in the park to you! It's not as awful as it sounds at all. You may not even have to have it done. What they tend to do if your smear comes back with slight changes is send you for a colcoscopy (where they look at your cervix with a camera) then if they think there is an area which doesnt look right then they will take a biopsy, all you do is cough and you feel a slight pinch and it's done. I didnt find it painfull really, more uncomfy. If you do have to have any treatment they give you a needle to numb the pain first and i honestly didnt feel a thing! Hopefully your smear will come back clear as more often than not slight/mild changes go back by themselves. Are you going to wait for your next smear or get on with TTC?

    Good luck whatever you decide xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • i had an abnormal when i was 20 and a colposcopy and was told by the doctors not to ttc until i had a normal result. so smears once a month for 6 months, then once every 6 months until having 3 normal results followed. well, i have just (last Oct - at the age of 29!!!) had my 3rd normal, which means i now go back to having smears every 3 years instead of every 6 months. yey!

    lisa it really isnt painful, as far as i can remember. the nurse who did my last smear said i would be VERY unlikely to develop cervical cancer as, having had so many, i would never miss a smear. remember it is a progressive thing so catching it early stops it.
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