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TTC in your 30s and early menopause

Hi ladies,

I'll be nearly 30 when we get married next year and we're decided to ttc straight away. I'm a bit worried about it all cos I know it's more difficult to conceive the older you get and there is early menopause in my family. I'd love to have at least three kids but I'm not sure if this will be possible if I have an early menopause, usually mid 30 ish (I think). I'm not sure I'll even have early menopause but it does run in my mum's family.

Anyway - does anyone else have early menopause running in their family and if so, have you managed to have a family at a later age?

Am I just stressing for no reason? I know it's normal for people to have kids at a later age but this early menopause thing is scaring me!

Thanks xxxx


  • Mia09 don't worry. Early menopause runs in my family too and I am older than you by 4 years. My Mum was really young like your own when she went through it. Anyway to cut a long story short I got married in December and have just found out I am pregnant. All that worry for nothing. Just have faith your family is coming and all will be well. Don't let this fear of the 'possible' ruin a wonderful time. I have spent years letting it panic me all for nothing. Take care and good luck.
  • Mia09ukMia09uk Posts: 659
    Thanks so much Helen Louise for the reply and the reassurance, and a big CONGRATULATIONS!! I've never wanted to have children at an early age anyway, so having babies in my 30s was always the plan.

    Wishing lots of love and luck for your pregnancy x
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