I'm sooo jealous! I must be barmy!

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  • Mummy2KMummy2K Posts: 627
    oh my gosh!! i'm not pregnant or anything but your Cyst story has completly freaked me out!! why did it have teeth and hair??? i'm definitely gonna have a nightmare! I just don't understand?! *traumatised!!!*

    Glad you're baby was born healthy. what a blessing. you seem really happy and satisfied-which is lovely. enjoy every minute of it-before you know it she'll be 18!!!!

    love & hugs x
  • _hmmmmmm__hmmmmmm_ Posts: 734
    I have to admit that I also admit i'm starting to feel abit broody again - not good, I've said never again! but i do like this forum and enjoy reading the threads when everyone just finds out they are pregnant. My youngest baby is now coming up 16 months old and walking, trying to chatter and fighting with his big sister who turned 3 the beginning of this week. I miss the whole pregnancy thing - even feeling sick the whole time (last time i weighed 1/2 a stone lighter after having him that before getting pregnant and he wasn't small at 8lb 4oz!) to make matters worse my friend who now lives in Devon and i haven't seen in nearly a year has texted me this evening to tell us she's 13 weeks pregnant, i'm so pleased for her coz after having a termination at the age of 18 it has now taken them, 8 years on, 18 months of trying - but i do have to admit to the green eyed monster rearing its ugly little head! My babies aren't babies anymore, they're proper little people and i'm now thinking that maybe a new baby isn't so bad after all!!! Gos i need help!

    Tracey2386, enjoy every single precious moment, the time goes all too quickly!

    and the cyst thing freaked me out too! I've heard of them before, did they save it for you to see?
  • Tracey2386Tracey2386 Posts: 251
    Oh god i hope ive not traumatized anyone too much.

    They didnt show me the cyst (thank god) but my consultant did burst out laughing when the first thing i said was 'god... i'm a freak' lol

    But i would do it all over again if i had to.

    My little girl is so perfect, i still can't believe she came from h2b and I.

    Decbride, im so glad im not the only one having a nosey on here. it really is so nice to hear peoples news about babies - your friend must be over the moon!

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