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sorry to be so graphic

How do you keep the sperm in???

Ive tried the pillow under the bum & staying put for 5 mins but as soon as i stand up it runs straight back out!!!

any other methods? I feel like standing on my head.

Laura x x x image


  • I lifted my body up and held my hips up with my hands, so I was almost standing on my shoulders. I am now just over 16 weeks pg!

    A few of my friends have also successfully used the method!

    Good Luck xxx
  • MrsSP73MrsSP73 Posts: 353
    Haha, well standing on your head would certainly work!!

    Have you tried putting your legs up against the wall above your bed and lying back that way for a while with your bum raised on some pillows?

    I'm sure it doesnt all drop out anyway!


  • haha,

    I think it would put my hubby off wanting to have sex haha.

    He does want to have a baby & we are actively trying but he doesnt like the thougt of having sex just for that reason.

    Will Try it tho.

    Due to ovulate 2 moz so been spending a lot of time in bed!

    Does the sperm swin up then the rest thats not needed run out?

    Thanks for your replys,

    laura x
  • kat1982ukkat1982uk Posts: 197
    Hi Laura.

    Any sperm that doesn't reach the egg comes out. I'm 20 weeks pregnant with our second and I didn't do all the lifting my bum etc. I have endometriosis too which complicates things but we just let it happen. Just enjoy the practising and I'm sure you'll be on here soon telling us you are pregnant!!

    Have fun!! xx
  • Lulu-K-82Lulu-K-82 Posts: 868
    I am so glad you asked this question cos I have been wondering the same thing but too shy to ask!!

  • _hmmmmmm__hmmmmmm_ Posts: 734
    i don't think you need all of it anyway - it only takes one swimmer! and if you check out super fertile - Lisa-Lous posts, you don't neccessarily need to have full sex to be caught out! so i wouldn't worry about it too much, like Kat, i now have 2 children and i didn't do any of the lifting the legs in the air thing, you're right, I think it can be slightly off putting, but i think if it's going to happen it's going to happen! I can't imagine our predecesors all sticking their legs in the air in the hope that it might help them fall pregnant! lol

    Good luck. x
  • Thanks for your replys

    Im sitting at my desk chuckling & getting some funny looks, Just picture it haha cave woman with there legs in the air.

    x x x
  • Baa1234Baa1234 Posts: 122
    Its a good thread this as i was wondering the same thing but was too shy to ask!! It has made me giggle too thinking of all those legs in the air!!
  • If I'm ovulating, I don't get up afterwards!!! We do the dance last thing at night and then go straight to sleep!!

    I also hoist my bum onto a spare duvet that is still in its plastic packaging - gets hips really high and it's wipe clean, fnar!!!

    For some reason hubby doesn't seem to mind me doing this - he wants a baby real bad and he thinks its's a waste when swimmers run out. He just leans against the duvet and reads his book...

    I love these posts, they are a fascinating look at other peoples' private lives!!!!

    Good luck ttc xx
  • colligreencolligreen Posts: 493
    LOL, I always used to say this, could never keep them in, but now I'm 20w+6! I did the propping my hips up on my hands things as well and found that a lot less leaked out this way. Used it as a good time to get in the habit of doing pelvic exercises as well trying to draw them in!

    Good luck

    Corinna x

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  • chloeparkerchloeparker Posts: 528
    Hi Laura,

    Tried it, hubby thinks its funny, but always helps out with the spare pillow!!! not sure it helps any as the little swimmers can defy gravity but hey hoy anything that might help them on their way. x Let us know how you get on. I'm going for a new job so if i get it may have to put the whole baby making thing on hold for a while anyway.
  • SmellywellySmellywelly Posts: 119
    I just choked on my orange when i read this! It made me laugh thanks Laura!!!

    Hubby's sperm will swim - dont panic - i thought the same things too when ttc - they are determined little buggers!

    Dont worry about it too much and carrying on having fun trying xx
  • furballukfurballuk Posts: 603
    hi im having a chuckle has reading this thread, am i abnormal cos i can walk around and it doesnt come out of me trickling????
  • Hello,

    Pleased i made you laugh!

    I have tried the pillow & hads, Its fine stays in until i bloody stand up!!!

    Not being to rude but i dont think my down there is particularly wide so that can t be the reason???

    We'll c in a 2 weeks weather its worked or if nasty AF turns up!

    Thanks for your comments they really cheered me up.

    x x x
  • Lulu-K-82Lulu-K-82 Posts: 868
    I was chuckling away to myself reading this again last night and h2b asked what was so funny?

    Told him and he couldn't get off the floor for 10 mins from laughing, saying 'so that's what you all sit and chat about!'

    Much to my amusement a bit later on he said....

    ...'so how does it stay in then?'

    Glad to know were not the only ones!

  • Haha lulu,

    Its true tho! Its funny little questions like that, that i find this place great for!

    x x x

  • ariel_vampariel_vamp Posts: 2,415
    LOL at Dec07bride. Actually its h2b that insists he has supersperm!

    Our mates at work shield their girfriends from him when he goes into the pub-men!!

    Though, with our second baby we did do the legs up against the wall thing! I used to stay there for 20mins. Not sure if it works cos didnt need to do it with all our other babies.

    Good luck with the baby-making xx
  • PinkNicPinkNic Posts: 856
    Hi ladies, we're not planning on trying for a baby until at least the end of next year (we get married next summer) but I always look at these baby threads! It's strange how women seem to worry about the same things but seem too shy to ask, i know I'm one of those women!! I thought I might ask you all a question if you don't mind? It's a bit personal but thought maybe some of you ladies may be able to help or even go through the same thing? Well anyway, I'm prone to getting cystitus and have had to cope with this for about 7-8 years. Sometimes I get it after sex but after talking to the doctor he advised me to go and have a wee straight after sex, also to wash down there, to stop any chance of cystitus coming on. I also read a book on it which also advised this. Thing you ladies, the sperm comes out! So it's a bit of a dilemma! :\? any advice/experiences would be great! x
  • Hey pinknic,

    Dont worry bout asking questions! I wouldnt dream of asking any one in person the kind of things i ask about here.

    Ive never had cystitus so cant really help but try lying down an extra 5 mins before washing.

    Love Laura x
  • ariel_vampariel_vamp Posts: 2,415
    I know what you mean Laura. I wish i'd have had this sort of thing when I had my first baby. There are all sorts of things I didnt have a clue about!! Especially how long you bleed for after having the baby- i'd only bought 2 packs of maternity pads. it wasnt enough for the 5-6 weeks of bleeding and h2b didnt appreciate having to go out to buy them!!

    Sorry if TMI but ppl really need to know these things!
  • Another thing??? Did anyone have any signs, when they very first concieved? egg fertilized? I wish as soon as the egg was fertilised a big red light started flashing on your head! the first day of my last period was 21st March but my boobs are sore already & have been feeling sick! probz in my head t ho as iam desperate!

    Laura x x x
  • ariel_vampariel_vamp Posts: 2,415
    Actually my H2B spotted it almost straight away.

    Its always the tiredness that hits me as soon as we've conceived.

    And the fact that I wouldnt let him touch. I dont just mean a kiss etc- i mean actually be near me and put a finger on me. Believe me its ten times worse than PMT.

    He was relieved when the test was positive- he was starting to worry I didnt like him anymore.

    But sore boobs are definitely a good sign. Also, some ppl get a few spots of blood when the egg implants (norm when your period is due).

    You'll just have to be patient- when is your period due?
  • periods are due 1 week today!

    boobs are tender but not getting hopes up as could just be coz periods are on there way.

    Laura x x x

  • Pinknic, I suffered badly with cystitis a few years ago and I found I could avoid it by going for a wee straight after sex... What I would suggest for you though is to figure out when you're ovulating (using cervical mucus, bbt or ov sticks), then when you try at those times go straight to sleep afterwards without getting up to wee. That way, you should limit your chances of a bout of cystitis without losing all the precious swimmers!!

    Good luck for your wedding and ttc!! xx
  • Apparently, if you're going to get pregnant, the sperm goes straight through as soon as it's...there! Happens within seconds, but I guess putting your bottom up on a pillow for a while won't hurt! I never did that, took about 6 months to get pregnant for me.

    I knew pretty much straight away, tiredness, dizziness and headaches... and my god, the sore boobs! That lasted a few weeks, but they've stopped growing (for now) and aren't as tender.

    Crying at the least thing is getting to me right now, I go from way hyper and happy to hating everything, hehe.

    Good luck!! I guess you'll be practising your yoga and bum lifting, hehe.

  • I dont "feel" pregnant this monthg, but fingers are still crossed!

    How far are you Kittie?

    Laura x
  • I'll keep my fingers crossed for you, Laura!

    I think I'm either 8 or 9 weeks, I'll find out on tuesday image

    I had some days where I thought I was just trying to convince myself I was pregnant, in case another test came back negative. What threw me off was the implantation bleed 2 days before my period was due - it only lasted a day, but I figured it was because my last period was so heavy. I also had mild cramping that lasted a month, it has finally stopped now though!!

  • hi there

    reading all your posts made me laugh glad to hear im not the only one trying the legs in the air ect we have been trying for 2months now but still nothing i know this is not long but we have wanted to start for ages but wedding plans put it on hold but now its not very far away we thought if it happens it happens
  • Hey Star Fish,

    Welcome to the TTC club. Whens your AF due?

    x x x x x x x x

  • hi laura

    how long have you been trying for ?

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