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What age did you started feeling maternal/wanting a baby

I am 28 and have never had maternal instincts. I have always been adamant that I haven't wanted children. But all of a sudden my maternal instincts seem to be kicking in. I suddenly seem to be wanting a baby!

I don't feel 100% about it though and am thinking about leaving it 2 years or so, hubbie is 33 so don't want to leave it too late for him although he already had a 10 yr old from his last marriage so he is content whether I do or don't want a baby.

Just wondered about other peoples ages and when they felt maternal?


  • Tracey2386Tracey2386 Posts: 251
    Hi Lush

    I've never been the maternal type either. i've never been one to 'coo' over babies.

    Saying that, my daughter is 11 weeks old now and she is my life (i'm 22)

    Since I had her, i'd say i'm a lot more maternal.

    I suppose you just know when it feels right to start trying. I personally wanted children young as my father had me very late on and I want to be young enough to do everything I possibly can with her.

  • Lulu-K-82Lulu-K-82 Posts: 868
    I have been maternal forever! I always wanted to be a young mum (my mum had me at 21 and we are best friends) but I'm now nearly 26 so that is old for me!!

    I'm glad I waited tho cos h2b doesn't have kids either so we are both estatic about starting our family in 4 months time!! (well, starting to try in 4 months!)

  • I'm 22 and have been maternal since...forever!

    My mum said to me the other day, that shes never known anyone who wants a baby as much as me. People have always (since i was a child) said i'd be a wonderful mum, (best compliment!! hehe) I have two younger siblings, ones 15 and ones almost 4, and ive loved being their 'second mum'. Playing mums and babies was always my fav game when i was little and my barbies were always pregnant or had a baby! lol! My degree is early childhood studies and i nanny as well and i love looking after babies and children! I can't wait to have a baby myself though!! X But, i do think everyone is different, i think theres loads of people who arent maternal or overly interested in babies until they have one themselves, which i completely understand. My dad says his fav role in life is being a dad and its v important to him, hes loves us sooo much, but hes really not interested in anyone elses kids at all!!! X
  • Georgie2010Georgie2010 Posts: 227
    i hav just turned 20 and i am soooooooo broody i hav wanted a baby for the past 3 years! i am at uni training to b a childrens nurse and when i had a placement in the baby unit i thought i was going to go mad cos my longing 4 a baby got ALOT worse and i was so emotional, even crying sometimes cos i was so desperate 4 a baby and hormonal lol! h2b reckons we r 2 young (he is stil 19!) and we hav decided we will start trying in early 2010 which is a compromise 4 both of us hehe! Like sexylittlecrum says, everyone is different- i cant imagine not wanting a baby but others cant imagine wanting one. you should just do what you feel is right 4 u. xx
  • allieaukallieauk Posts: 299
    Hi Lush,

    I'm 29 and were hoping for a honeymoon baby (get married May 31st nad can't wait) I have always expressed a wish to have children and Lee's not been that keen however about 6 months ago the honeymoon baby idea was his. He's now really keen and has told our close friends (who already have kids) that we're both really excited and hope to start a family soon!

    For me though I started getting really broody about a year ago when a close friend got pregnant. Now everywhere I look there's pregnant people and programs on the TV about babies. and i keep inadvertantly looking at pushchair designs (crazy)

    The only downside is i'm really concerned about giving birth almost to the stage of being phobic about it just hoping that It'll ease once i'm pregnant or at least i'll be able to explain my fears and there'll be some help out there.....
  • rachaelafryrachaelafry Posts: 4,271
    I always knew that I wanted kids but never felt any maternal instincts, H2B was ready for kids whenever I was, suddenly it came to the end of 1999 coming into the millenium and BANG, suddenly I wanted a baby so told him on New years eve and he was ecstatic and started trying straightaway and was preggers within 2 months! dont regret it for a minute, I was 27 at the time and now I have two beautiful daughters who make us complete. I always knew that when the time was right I would know and thats how it worked out xx
  • Stez24Stez24 Posts: 332
    I really like the idea of having a baby and a toddler and a young child, but dread the thought of then having a moody teenager who shouts back at you! That bit really scares me...!! I just cant see myself being a mum to a teenager - is that wierd?!
  • thinkpinkukthinkpinkuk Posts: 721

    I'm 29, 30 in September and it only hit me few months ago - smack bang in my face and now it's all I can think about!!! I have never, ever been maternal before - no idea what's happened to me?! Must be married life I guess - I got married last June, oh and the impending big 3 0 image
  • I'm 22 and my maternal instincts have just kicked in!

    I've never ever been broody before and didn't expect to now.

    We've had a couple of accidents recently (well, one accident and one not so accidental!) so I could be pg now. Don't feel it though.

    I wasn't sure how H2B would feel but I think he really likes the idea now!

    We really need to wait at least a year before trying cos I'm still a trainee at work and have exams to do, and we want to buy a house, but if it's happened already we'll just have to struggle for a bit!

  • ariel_vampariel_vamp Posts: 2,415
    I was 19. H2B was 20. We'd been together for 3 years and were both at uni so it was mad. We were actually too scared to admit it to each other so just 'forgot' the protection a couple of times. A couple of weeks later there was a positive result and we were both chuffed. Just had to work out how to tell the grown-ups!!!

    Anyway, i knew I always wanted to be a young mum and am now expecting baby 4 (i am 25 this month) much to our surprise!

    Though even h2b admits he actually got broody a while ago. Its weird the way its a physical need that you just cannot surpress. I never expected it to be as strong as it was.
  • rosiefieldrosiefield Posts: 668
    hey all, I am 21 and am as broody as anything! have always loved kids and always knew i wanted them one day. my maternal feelings started when my cousin had her daughter 2 years ago, tho h2b and I had only just got together then so a bit soon! lol! our friends daughter was born 6 weeks ago now & the first time we saw her both h2b and i got REALLY broody! we're trying now!! xx
  • Loops95Loops95 Posts: 510
    Im 24 now and I have never been broody and still am not (well maybe just a tiny bit) but my maternal instinct only really kicked in once my son was in my arms for the 1st time! Think it was the reality of the whole thing that knocked it into me! xx
  • Right now!

    I'm 17, and so broody. My maternal instincts kicked in when I found out I was pregnant. Sadly, we lost him. But that's for a different post.

    I want to TTC as soon as we are married, or even a couple of weeks before.

    Or now.

    H2b says not until we are married.

  • I have always been broody since i can remember! But i have never been with the right guy, and looking back i thought i wanted a baby but am soooo glad i didn't have one as it would have tied me to any one of the losers i went out with before meeting my lovely husband. We are trying for a baby now so hopefully fingers crossed it will happen soon!
  • pot_of_goldpot_of_gold Posts: 5,254
    I'm 23 and do not have any broodiness or maternal instinct yet. I don't know if I ever will! And to be honest I don't think not having kids would be the worst thing that could happen (unlike mil2b who thinks it would be the end of the world)

    If it kicks in when I get a bit older fair enough - I wouldn't rule it out coz i don't know how I feel when I'm older but I just can't picture myself 'holding the baby'

    the 'grown ups' tell me I will definately want them at some point in a very patronising tone - but I am almost 24 and I am an adult so I wish they would just let me make my own decisions, mistakes whatever.

  • I was married previously and my ex was always desperate for children, we were together 7 years and he was 6 years older than me. I kept taking my pill as I just knew I didnt want kids with him. We split and I met someone new ( my amazing h2b) and within weeks of getting together I felt an amazing urge to have a child with him and knew that we would be brilliant parents together. I was 28. We were very lucky and fell pregnant straight away ( Had I been watching this happening to someone else Id have advised against it!) and are now the proud parents of a beautiful one year old daughter. I feel the urge to become a mum came when I was ready emotionally and the three of us couldnt be happier.
  • pindy27pindy27 Posts: 599
    I know this may come across as weird, I have 3 children who I love dearly, they are my life and I would do anything for them. But up until meeting my new partner I have never felt any WANT to have a baby!! Yes i know i here you say but you already have kids, I was on the pill when i got pregnant with my daughter and the forgot a pill once and got pregnant with my twin boys so have never had that URGE to have a baby. But now at the age of 31 with 3 kids and 2 step kids, i am really really want a baby, slight problem partner has had a vasectomy. But hopefully the reversal we are planning will work and we can have a baby of our own, not sure if that is an answer to the questioin but just wanted to tell you all my story!! xx
  • jaynekukjaynekuk Posts: 2,893
    16 years old.

    I w as 20 when i had my first,though had 2 misscarrages before.

    jayne.x :\)
  • 7banana77banana7 Posts: 675
    I think I've always known I want children, I became an aunty at age 9 so started the training young!The broodiness kicked in when I was in my early 20's, during my first marriage, but we never had a child together nor did we try. I'd say the "craving" really kicked in when I was 26, so I got a cat (substitue baby!), which did help a little. I am now 31 & getting wed in Feb 09. It can be really difficut at times and I get a bit emotional as the feelings are so strong. It isn't helped by the fact that I deal with babies & young children as part of my job, I have friends who've had babies recently and even my 21 year old niece is pregnant! I am being very patient (well, trying to!) & seriously looking forward to having a family with my H2B. x
  • Daniella1ukDaniella1uk Posts: 132
    It's hit me full on in the last 6 months. Growing up my friends were always ooh babies and I was euw yuck!! However, since meeting h2b nearly 3 years ago, something just clicked and I though ooh I want your babies, it totally freaked me out. I told h2b this not long after we'd been together and he was quite up for the idea, although he said he'd happily wait until I was deffo ready. I've been getting steadily broody for the last 12 months and in the last 6 it's all Hello!.

    I'm 29 and he's 35 and like 7banana7 says, the emotions I'm feeling are nuts, someone once said to me if you're peeved that you got your period you're ready for a baby and I am SO ready. I posted on another thread that my friend recently announced she is preg and am genuinely happy for her, I cried when she told me and managed to pass it off as happy crying but it was because it wasn't me and that's NEVER happened before. I've told h2b all of this and he thinks I'm mildly off my rocker, at the mo' I feel like I'm surrounded by pregnant women everywhere. Can't wait to be a mummy. x
  • CayleeCaylee Posts: 1

    I know I'm way to young to be on this website, but I just had to post. I'm 15. Just turned 15 today actually. It's kind of stupid, but I've been feeling really maternal already. Maybe it's because I am an old soul, I don't know. I love kids, even the rowdy ones. Sometimes they anger me but, kids are meant to anger you. My mom died three years ago, and I just wish she could've been a grandmother. I guess that's the partial reasoning. I like to study pregnancy and everything. I know I'm young, but, I'm a very maternal young woman. 

  • KT80KT80 Posts: 110

    Oh gosh you are all so young & saying 26 is old! Haha

    i have been broody forever, I am totally sick of having to be happy for everyone else & never myself. I finally met the right man 3 years ago, am getting married this Thursday! And my plans for a honeymoon baby have been squashed by a dodgy thyroid which I have to fix before I can even consider it. Like I have time to waste - i turned 37 last week.

    26 isn't old, you have heaps of time! You lucky things! Xx

  • MrsL-GMrsL-G Posts: 86 New bride

    KT80, I'm so glad you said that! 😂 I turned 37 last August. Everyone's been making me feel old!!

    I've never felt maternal and thought I want a kid. I've been thinking about it the last year or so but I still don't think it's for me.

  • Dino thread

  • I'm 28 almost 29 and have never felt maternal. There aren't many kids in my family and only 1 of my friends has a baby. All of my friends have all followed the uni and then career route and we're all too busy having fun to have kids. 

    My H2B really wants kids and very occasionally as I get older I get the odd broody pang. Nothing much though. 

    I've said we need a few years to have married time together and to get all our finances in gear. 

  • I'm 24 and only recently started to feel like a real adult. I am married and we have 2 decent cars, we own a nice home and fairly well paid jobs.

    I still felt like a child until I was married 2 months ago. And then doctor said me about my pregnancy

  • I'm 32 and felt broody at 27 and had our 1st at 27.

  • LizzieBHLizzieBH Posts: 196

    I'm 35 and have never felt maternal; I've always known I probably won't choose to have kids. Thankfully H2B feels the same.

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